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Why the Facts Matter with Anna Quindlen

“It's important to speak out and act boldly on behalf of those things you think will benefit this country and our world – and against those things you believe will bring it harm.”  – Anna Quindlen 

After a tumultuous election cycle, America now faces even more adversity, from the rise of “fake news,” to uncertainties in healthcare and the education system, and the possibility of rolling back the rights of women. 

No matter her role, as social critic, bestselling author or Pulitzer prize-winning columnist, Anna Quindlen has always examined how the headlines will affect the lives of American citizens and their organizations. She believes that, in order to face complex challenges, we must first understand them. For, without facts and without dependable sources, democracy cannot survive. 

Anna Quindlen spent her early years as a journalist for The New York Post, before moving on to The New York Times and later Newsweek. Her Pulitzer prize-winning column, “Public and Private,” made her the third woman to write for the Time’s Op-Ed page. Quindlen is now the author of more than 15 books, 12 of which have appeared on The New York Times best sellers list, including her novels Still Life with Bread Crumbs, One True Thing, and Miller's Valley.Contact us to arrange for Anna Quindlen to speak at your next event.