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What’s Your Type? Find out with Dr. Helen Fisher

Neuroscientist and biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher is known for her groundbreaking research on the biology of personality, relationships, and “corporate chemistry.” 

The Wall Street Journal recently profiled Dr. Fisher and the Fisher Temperament Inventory, a personality questionnaire taken by over 14 million worldwide that helps people better understand themselves and why they are attracted to certain personality types.

Based on brain architecture (using fMRI brain scans) rather than psychology, the Inventory is the first and only personality questionnaire built from and validated by neuroscience.

Her discovery of the four basic biological styles of thinking and behaving — Explorer, Builder, Director, and Negotiator –– can be used to build teams and corporate boards, advertise, innovate, and succeed at work.

Chief Scientific Advisor for and Co-Founder of NeuroColor, Dr. Fisher is a TED All-Star and was named one of “the 15 most amazing women in science today” by Business Insider.