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Agents, Managers and Brokers for Speakers.
What Will Move Markets with Nader Mousavizadeh

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Region by region, country by country, Nader Mousavizadeh analyzes the forces that will impact business and move markets. From geopolitics and global hot spots to economic trends and developments, Mousavizadeh prepares your audience for 2014 and beyond.  

As the fragmentation of power, capital, and ideas creates a new map of the world, how can business leaders and investors master uncertainty? What makes a winning company in the 21st century? What is the new alchemy of success? 

An advisor to some of the world’s leading corporations, Mousavizadeh is known for his deep analytical judgments about how companies and organizations can navigate the risks and opportunities at the nexus of markets, politics, and policy.  The former CEO of Oxford Analytica, he is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Macro Advisory Partners. 

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