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Why US Politics isn’t as bad as we think

Harvard constitutional law scholar Noah Feldman says that the divisiveness plaguing American politics today is nothing new.

In his speech, “Why U.S. Politics Isn’t as Bad as We Think,” Feldman recounts the feud between James Madison and Alexander Hamilton that gave birth to partisanship in America and how the Constitution helps diffuse intense divisions. According to Feldman, the Constitution is an amazing ‘technology’ that worked for the founders and many subsequent generations, and it will work for us, too.

“Partisanship is real, it’s profound, it’s extraordinarily powerful,” says Feldman, “but the design of the Constitution is greater than partisanship.”

Harvard Law professor Noah Feldman is a highly respected public intellectual known for his ability to frame and explain complex legal issues as well as foreign policy, politics, and religion.

Called “one of the stars of his generation” by Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, Feldman writes a weekly column for Bloomberg News, specializing in real-time analysis of today’s big legal cases. Esquire named him one of the “75 most influential people of the 21st century.”