Agents, Managers and Brokers for Speakers.

Agents, Managers and Brokers for Speakers.
Trump's America: We the People?

The Election of Donald Trump Has Rocked the World as we Know it. Time to Take Action. 

Consider these five speakers:



Nancy Giles

CBS Sunday Morning Contributor and “Accidental Pundette” 

“If we want to become ‘a more perfect union,’ Hillary Clinton had it right: it really will ‘take a village’ to get the country we want. We don’t live in a dictatorship, and it’s up to us to participate in the political process, and to make sure our elected officials represent us and earn their keep. As far as I’m concerned, that is our patriotic duty as citizens.So let’s all take a deep breath, roll up our sleeves, and get to work.”

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Naomi Wolf

Social and Political Activist and CEO of Daily Clout

“Never before, all at once worldwide, has the need for a global movement of activists reclaiming democracy, been so widespread or so urgent.” 

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Walter Mosley

Novelist and Social Commentator

“People in power are the people who are gonna respond to what happened in the election — that’s the power...If you have somebody who represents you,” — e.g., Obama — “you’re less likely to stand up for what’s right. But now, you have no choice. So, hey, that’s great. America’s gonna have some fun.” 

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Nancy Lublin

Founder and CEO of Crisis Text Line

“The election was a bit of a surprise– for the people who are happy about the election results and the people who are unhappy. The entire country is feeling feelings. How can YOU handle this moment?


Do a random, anonymous act of kindness for someone else today. Putting love out there in the world is an amazing way to help someone else--and you--feel happy.

Community work.

Frustrated about the national political landscape? Think local! Be part of a hands-on solution. Are your friends having a tough time? You can help. Best thing you can do: listen.

You got this, America. Really, you do.

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caption: Anna Deavere Smith stars as Dr. Letty Jordan in PRESIDIO MED, a new medical drama about a team of hard-working physicians who run a tight-knit medical group in San Francisco.  copyright: Photo: David Rose/CBS ©2002 CBS Worldwide Inc. All Right Reserved.

Anna Deavere Smith

Playwright, Actor and Professor 

“I am always trying to be part of the broader conversation. If we say that art can make social change, how do we pull people into it? This is the moment to look at ourselves in the mirror… I hope the painters are painting, the poets are writing, and the documentary filmmakers are planning… This will be a time where we’ll see a surge of art-making; a surge of art that is civically oriented and that is about social change.” 

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