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Touched With Fire: New Film Inspired by Kay Redfield Jamison & Talks on Mental Health, Creativity, Depression

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In theaters tomorrow, the film Touched With Fire dramatizes the struggle to maintain creativity while undergoing treatment for bipolar disorder. Inspired by the work of Kay Redfield Jamison, the film sees star Katie Holmes fight the battle of thousands around the world, managing the impact and consequences of medicating bipolar disorder and depression.

Kay Redfield Jamison has been at the cutting edge of the study of mental disorders for decades. Chosen by TIME as a “Hero of Medicine,” she has authored numerous bestsellers and revealed to the world what it’s like living with depression, bipolar disorder, and suicidal tendencies in her books An Unquiet Mind and Touched With Fire. She continues to elevate the national conversation on mental health by sharing her own personal experiences and connecting with people on a human level. Audiences describe her lectures as profoundly enlightening experiences. She addresses the clinical and personal realities of depression and bipolar disorder in a manner that encourages dialogue, empathy, and hope.

MacArthur Genius-award recipient Kay Redfield Jamison is a professor of Psychiatry at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and was one of five people featured in thePBS series, Great Minds of Medicine.

Watch her recent conversation on Charlie Rose with the director and star of Touched With Fire

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