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MIT's R. David Edelman on Cyberattacks & Disruption


In the wake of a global cyberattack affecting 150 countries, with the potential for major disruptions to economies, privacy, and security, it’s clear we’ve entered a new era.

Gleaning insights from a decade at the forefront of cybersecurity — including hundreds of companies’ real experiences — R. David Edelman helps demystify the threats and explains precisely what can (and can’t) be done to defend both reputation and the bottom line.  

Called the President’s “Geek-in-Chief” and the nation’s “Chief Cyber Diplomat,” R. David Edelman was the senior-most policy official on the digital economy in the Obama White House. 


One of the government’s foremost voices on how technology is changing our economy, national security, and daily lives, Dr. Edelman has helped shape national and international policy on some of the world’s most pressing challenges – from data privacy and high-tech patent issues to A.I. and automation. He is currently MIT’s Internet policy team Director of the new Project on Technology, the Economy, & National Security.

Before his years as Special Assistant to the President for Economic and Technology Policy at the NEC, he served at the State Department’s Office of Cyber Affairs during the Bush administration. The first director for International Cyber Policy at the National Security Council, he authored the President’s International Strategy for Cyberspace, the government’s principal doctrine on cybersecurity and Internet issues.