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The Organized Mind, New Book and Speeches from Dr. Daniel J. Levitin

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Neuroscientist and the author of The New York Times bestseller This is Your Brain on Music, Dr. Daniel J. Levitin turns his attention towards the science behind organization. In his latest book, The Organized Mind,  Dr. Levitin sweeps away the clutter that overwhelms us digitally and mentally to make us more effective and successful. Combining cutting-edge neuroscience and cognitive psychology with practical advice, Levitin shares deep insights about how the mind works and how we can manage better.

What does the latest brain science reveal about how and why some leaders thrive? Whether you're a CEO or college student, in his speeches, Dr. Levitin teaches audiences to harness the natural processes of the brain to make them more productive, happy, and effective. If it's time for some spring cleaning of the brain, Dr. Levitin can help you create systems that work.

See Dr. Levitin discuss staying grounded in the age of information overload on CBS.

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