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Agents, Managers and Brokers for Speakers.
Team Building & the Brain with Neuroscientist Helen Fisher

Are you an Explorer, Builder, Director, or Negotiator?

Chances are, you’re a mix. But what does that mean exactly? Find out how neuroscientist Dr. Helen Fisher’s discovery of these four basic biological styles of thinking and behaving help improve the way we lead, innovate, perform, and build teams and relationships.

Chief Scientific Advisor for and Co-Founder of NeuroColor, Dr. Fisher’s personality questionnaire, The Fisher Temperament Inventory, was developed with the use of fMRI brain scanning to find your unique “neural personality signature.” Analyzing broader human interactions, her business-world application reveals specifically what makes each person tick, how they can reach others, and what they can bring to the organization.

Featured in Harvard Business Review’s March-April 2017 issue on “The New Science of Teamwork” and in the 2017 book, The Leading Brain: Powerful Science-Based Strategies for Achieving Peak Performance, Fisher’s groundbreaking discoveries show how understanding the biology underlying personality styles can be used to enhance teamwork, corporate boards, and personal success.

Dr. Fisher has worked with VISA, Deloitte, Proctor and Gamble, and American Express, among many other companies. Named a TED All-Star and one of “the 15 most amazing women in science today” by Business Insider, Helen has addressed audiences at Fortune magazine, SXSW, and The World Economic Forum.