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Speeches from Emmy-Winner Camryn Manheim — Doing Things Your Way

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Camryn Manheim has always done things her way. Whether it’s in her Emmy-winning turn on The Practice, her unnerving performance on Person of Interest, or going for laughs on Two and a Half Men, she shatters expectations, with a career defined by versatility, determination, and a sense of adventure. Having recently finished her Broadway debut in Deaf West’s production of Spring Awakening, which saw the ASL-fluent Manheim signing and speaking her dialogue, she continues to inspire legions of fans, audiences, and women with her candor, humor, and story. 

Manheim has always been a fighter, a fierce performer on and off the stage. Her journey in Hollywood hasn’t been easy, but as she said, “If you're a big girl like me, you can either destroy your spirit or you can accept and love yourself just the way you are.” 

Hers is a story of perseverance, resilience, and, ultimately, self love. In her speeches, Manheim shows audiences that before you can accept success, you must first accept yourself. With talks on giving back, her journey in Hollywood, and self acceptance, Manheim will leave you ready to change the world in your own way. 

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