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Richard Boyatzis
Richard Boyatzis
Emotional Intelligence Expert 
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Richard Boyatzis
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Author and Professor Richard Boyatzis is one of the world’s foremost authorities on leadership development and emotional intelligence (EI). His research on human behavior has revolutionized management education and helped spawn a new industry of competency consultants, researchers, academics, and executive coaches. HR magazine twice ranked him as one of the top 10 “Most Influential International Thinkers.” 

His latest book, Becoming a Resonant Leader (co-written with Annie McKee and Fran Johnston), the workbook companion to Resonant Leadership, draws from extensive multidisciplinary research and outlines concrete ways to create the resonance that fuels great leadership. According to Boyatzis, resonant leaders, by establishing deep emotional connections with others, bring out the best in their people and build resilient, adaptive organizations. 

Boyatzis co-wrote the seminal text Primal Leadership: Learning to Lead with Emotional Intelligence with McKee and Dr. Daniel Goleman. The book unveiled scientific evidence that a leader’s emotional competencies have an enormous impact an organization’s bottom line. Primal Leadership has been translated into 29 languages.

Boyatzis is a Distinguished University Professor at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. He is also a Professor in the Departments of Organizational Behavior, Psychology and Cognitive Science at Case Western and in Human Resources at ESADE in Barcelona. A frequent lecturer throughout Europe and the U.S., he has written over 200 articles on leadership, behavioral change, coaching, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, and managerial competencies. Over 720,000 students from 215 countries have enrolled in his Coursera courses online, including “Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence.”

Before becoming a professor, he was CEO of research consulting firm McBer & Company (now part of the Hay Group/Korn Ferry) for 11 years and COO of market research company Yankelovich, Skelly & White for three years.

Boyatzis holds his B.S. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT and Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Harvard. He has consulted to Fortune 500 companies, educational and health organizations, government agencies, and companies around the world on leadership and team development, competency assessment, organizational change, and performance appraisal.

His Intentional Change Theory (ICT) and complexity theory predicts how changes occur in organizations. He describes ICT as an exploration of “how and why people change. It is a way of thinking about your talent, who you are, and what you want to do with it. My hope is that we can rediscover the power of the human spirit.”

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Speaking Topics

Great leaders move us. They move us through a basic human process: our emotions. Although they talk of strategy and competition, the great leaders establish a deep emotional connection with others called “resonance” and bring out the best in their people. They are literally, in tune with others around them. Their own levels of emotional intelligence allow them to create and nurture these resonant relationships. They use their EI as a path to resonant leadership through mindfulness, hope and compassion. But these are also the experiences essential to renewal of the human organism at the neurological, hormonal, emotional, and behavioral levels. Based on decades of research into emotional intelligence competencies and longitudinal studies in their development, Professor Richard Boyatzis will lead the audience through examples of what resonance looks and feels like, as well as ideas as to develop someone’s “resonant leadership” capability, emotional intelligence, and the experiences of mindfulness, hope, and compassion. Dr. Boyatzis will use inspiring stories and energizing exercises to show how leaders, managers and executives can create and sustain “resonance” in their relationships and their teams and build resilient, adaptive organizations.

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Focus: The Key to Maximum Engagement, Innovation, and Peak Performance

More than 300,000 people from 205 countries recently enrolled in Professor Richard Boyatzis’ Massive Open Online Course or MOOC. It’s part of a larger shift in education, but what does it mean for your classroom?
How can universities and schools embrace change in a way that delivers value and better results? In “Open Class,” Professor Boyatzis will examine the needs for experimentation in teaching, learning, and mentoring. The internet has proven to be an exceptionally convenient, accessible, and cost-effective way of engaging students on a local and global scale. But it isn’t the only option. Using his outcome studies and neurological research, Professor Boyatzis explores different modes of teaching and learning, including online lectures, face-to-face classrooms, and coaching.
Through exercises and engaging stories, Professor Boyatzis takes audiences on a journey into the future of education. How can professors and teachers apply tried and true methods to new technology? How should universities and schools adapt to an increasingly competitive global playing field? How can learning retention be increased? What learning style works best for your class? How do you know when it’s time to try something new? Professor Boyatzis explains how emotions and relationships can be used to enhance learning through MOOCs. He draws from his own experiences and research to provide a complete picture of where education is, where it’s going, and how we can better prepare students for the new world of work.

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Based on decades of research into emotional intelligence competencies and longitudinal studies in their development, Professor Richard Boyatzis will lead the audience through examples of how coaching with compassion is key to leadership development AND why it is central to neuro-endocrine renewal in the human body (which is the only antidote to the ravages of chronic stress).

The session will address the following:

1. A process for developing sustainable improvement on EI, resonant leadership, and effective leadership, and the central role of compassion in it.

2. Understanding the psycho-physiological role of the Positive Emotional Attractor and the Negative Emotional Attractor in motivating change or encouraging the status quo regression.

3. Perceiving how coaching with compassion is effective in helping people change in sustainable ways, but coaching for compliance is not. And why it is crucial to the sustainability of the leader (i.e., the coach) as well.
4. How to coach others to develop EI, resonant leadership, and to sustainably change.

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Resonant Relationships in Health Care: Making a Difference for Doctors, Nurses, and Patients
Books & Other Works
  • Resonant Leadership
  • Primal Leadership: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence
  • Becoming a Resonant Leader: Develop Your Emotional Intelligence, Renew Your Relationships, Sustain...
  • The Competent Manager: A Model for Effective Performance
  • Innovation in Professional Education: Steps on a Journey from Teaching to Learning
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“Awesome motivational techniques to grab attention, superb in-depth knowledge and analysis, passionate about his field with genuine interest for conference’s attendees. His anthropocentric approach made Greeks love him even more and stay focused until the very end of an 8-hour executive seminar. What a great individual above all! Top-notch.”
Boussias Communications
“Richard was truly inspirational! He made the conference exceptional, and best yet, had people motivated into becoming a resonant leader.”
Northern Kentucky University
“Engaging and life-transforming...Richard Boyatzis' humor, practical suggestions and depth of understanding were immensely helpful.”
G & S Metals, Inc.
“GREAT! This was an awesome session and Richard is a wonderful individual.”
McKinsey & Company, Inc.
“We felt truly proud to be fortunate to bring you for a talk to a very diverse group of people. I would without second thought rate this the best talk I have heard.”
Forum for Emotional Intelligence Learning
“I want to follow up our meeting last week with a note of thanks for your outstanding presentation to the leadership group at GMAC-RFC in Orlando. You gave us a perspective that was original, timely and refreshing. The buzz among participants was palpable, and it continues.”
“Richard's energetic and thought-provoking presentation on resonant leadership added a welcomed balance to our otherwise performance-oriented business meeting.”
Lockheed Martin
“Could not have asked for a better speaker! He was very easy to work with and a pleasure to meet. The content is obviously top notch.”
Barnes Group Inc.
“Thank you so very much for your wonderful presentations to the Motorola Executives. EQ is a topic that has not received much emphasis in the past at Motorola; however, given current times the Executives recognized its significance for them and for their organizations. The buzz is strong " I am confident that you affected many of the participants.”
Executive Leverage Inc.
“We had a wonderful event, Prof. Boyatzis gave a great, energizing speech and we had fantastic feedback!”
Hay Group
“Richard's presentation was excellent. I have received many compliments.”
KPFF Consulting Engineers
“It was definitely a successful event for us. Richard really entertained the audience and his message was very appropriate...he articulates his message clearly and pulls together a lot of different scientific and sociological information in an interesting way.”
International Interior Design Association, New York
“Dr. Boyatzis achieved the perfect balance of teaching and engaging the audience. His message on resonant leadership left a lasting impact on business and industry leaders who attended our conference. His common-sense approach and warm and genuine personality created an environment in which to learn, and he skillfully presented many highly practical concepts and skills to help leaders sustain success.”
West Virginia Roundtable, Inc.
“Highly recommended for his energy and in-depth knowledge.”
Linkage, Inc.
“You hit a home run!”
School Administrators of Iowa
“Wonderfully dynamic speaker and superb trainer of Emotional Intelligence.”
Daniel Goleman
“Richard's presentation was very well appreciated by the 2009 class. Advance Planning: Would Richard be available in 2010?”
Group Hebert
“He proved that emotional intelligence makes all the difference in the workplace.”
Bank of Montreal
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