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Nancy Giles
Nancy Giles
"The Accidental Pundette" 
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Nancy Giles
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CBS Sunday Morning contributor, comedian, actress, and self-described "Accidental Pundette," Nancy Giles is a funny, perceptive, and provocative observer of today’s world. For over 14 years, Giles’ acclaimed work on the Emmy Award-winning CBS Sunday Morning has provided the largest audience yet for her unique blend of common sense wisdom, laugh-out-loud humor, and social and political commentary. 

A veteran of Chicago’s esteemed Second City improv troupe and winner of the Theater World Award for the off-Broadway musical Mayor, Giles appeared for three seasons on the TV drama China Beach. She has made appearances on Law and OrderSpin City, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Her one-woman shows include The Further Adventures of the Accidental Pundette, Notes of a Negro Neurotic, and Black Comedy: The Wacky Side of Racism, which the Village Voice called “smart and unforgiving.”

Giles believes “humor bridges what divides and can even stop people from shouting at each other.” On topics from politics and race to pop culture and body image, she says, “I want to make people laugh, and I want to entertain them, but I also want to provoke thought and discussion."  She has offered her perspectives as a frequent guest onThe Today ShowThe Joy Behar Show,  and The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell.  

An accomplished voiceover and radio artist, Giles has been the voice of The Food Network for over 10 years. Giles' credits include work for Office Depot, True Value, Tide, The New York Times, Yoplait, Avenue clothing stores, Lifetime, ABC Daytime, PB&J Otter on the Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon’s Mighty Bug 5. She won back-to-back Gracies from the Alliance for Women in Media for her CBS Radio show on WPHT-AM in Philadelphia. Her podcast, The Giles Files, takes a lively spin on trending topics – from pop culture to politics – with interviews, commentaries, song parodies and more.

For more than 20 years, she has volunteered with The 52nd St. Project, helping at-risk kids take part in acting, playwriting, and poetry workshops, classes, and performances.

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Speaking Topics
The Accidental Pundette: Musings, Complaints, Shrieks and Sighs on American Politics

Will we ever have a “conversation about race” (as if one conversation will do it), or is it safer to have yet another conversation about having a conversation about race? Nancy Giles wants to talk, and listen, and talk some more.  Among her thoughts: does anyone ever refer to “the white community?” Who says I “don’t sound black?” Why are my people the only ethnic group to dance to the rhythm of a self-hating racial epithet? Are there actual black women who aren’t strong and sassy, but neurotic and even unsure of themselves? Why is hair such an issue? What’s with the continued hate towards the President and First Lady? And did Arsenio Hall really ruin it for any future African-American late night talk show host?
Fearless in her exploration and presentation, Giles brings the same level of wit, compassion, and insight that audiences have come to expect from her CBS Sunday Morning appearances to the discussion. She dives in head first, sharing her own experiences and emails and letter correspondence from friend and foe alike. Come prepared to talk, as Nancy will reserve plenty of time on the end of her presentation for conversation with the audience.

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Stories from the Work Front: From Working Girl to CBS Sunday Morning

Remember the days when there were only three major networks, and TV news was reported by journalists? You had time to watch a story, take time to think about it, and draw your own conclusions. These days, “mulling” over an idea takes too long, and more airtime means a 24-hour mix of hysteria, talking heads, and split screens. It’s more news, but it’s the same news, before, during, and after it happens. All examined and analyzed for you. No thinking necessary.
Giles’ TV commentaries on CBS News Sunday Morning made her an “accidental pundette” with plenty of opportunities to fill (and kill) time. Shouting matches on Larry King. Dealing with hate (e)mail. It’s all part of the job in these days. But is there any time left for thoughtful political conversation? All this and more on “Life in the 24-Hour News Cycle” with Nancy Giles.

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You won’t find your own voice by sitting quietly and waiting. You have to get out there and make some noise!  
When Nancy Giles first left college, she didn’t know where to go. How could she? There’s no road map to success in entertainment. What she did find, however, after years of hard work and adaptation, was her own creative stamp, and it was the key to her future.
In “Find Your Voice and Tell Your Story,” Nancy Giles takes the audience on an journey from the page to the stage. Based on her own experiences, Nancy offers life lessons for the creatively inclined. Everyone has twists and turns, allow Nancy to share hers. It might just help you find the occasional straight and narrow paths to success. 
This program can be presented as a speech about Nancy’s path to finding her creative self or an interactive workshop that will help students to find their own. 

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A proud product of New York City’s often maligned public school system, actress/writer Nancy Giles shares her stories of the teachers who inspired her, her own volunteer work with kids, and the constant lessons learned from both. Mentors and mentoring have shown her the value of at-risk kids spending time with adults other than their parents – adults who are there to listen, to pay attention to them, to share their knowledge, etc. It also gives those young people a chance to see that people who grew up just like they do can have dreams and reach their goals, and not necessarily be “stuck” in the same cycle as what they might see around them.

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The Artist's Dilemma: Staying Sane & Being Creative

The first African-American President of the United States, democratically elected twice. Racism is over, right? So why the 200% increase in hate groups? And how does it feel knowing that if someone decides I look threatening, I could be shot? At least the First Lady looks like me, and Afros are back.  
Giles tells true tales from the world of small parts, big feet, progressive colleges, bigoted TV-theme music, and what it’s like to have a crush on the First Family. It’s all part of her “black experience,” then and now. We shall overcome, but it hasn’t happened yet. 

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“Nancy was fantastic, and warm, and generous with her time. Her keynote inspired our students and gave them permission, if not encouragement, to find their own path to success in a career in media. Her appeal cut across all types of our audience — students, faculty, Baltimore residents, young and old. It was one of the most memorable events we've hosted yet and is something our students are still talking about.”
Towson University
“She gave an enormously funny, insightful and poignant talk. . . . It was a true treat to watch the interactions and we have received fantastic feedback from the audience.”
Northeastern University
“To say that Nancy was good, great, wonderful...all of those words would be a complete understatement!! I really can't even tell you how thrilled I am with today's event. I have never been so satisfied with a visiting artist. She was as engaging as I hoped she would be.... Her message is timely and of high priority importance, yes, but I have also not laughed that hard out loud in a very long time.”
Hudson Valley Community College
“Your message provided a challenge to the HR profession. It was thoughtful and informative.... You were great!!!”
Society for Human Resource Management
“Nancy Giles had an amazing way of working our company's culture and messaging into her opening speaking points. She is a compelling storyteller adding humor, emotion, and seriousness with each point. When there is a line to talk to your speaker, not just shake her hand but actually speak with her, as the host you know you hit a home run.”
Marriott International
“Nancy was a perfect blend of humor, heart and impact. Our event had an audience that was extremely diverse in age, race, educational background and political preference and her comments had a message that resonated with all of them. Beyond that, she was a pleasure to be around and made special efforts to really connect with every person who had the opportunity to speak with her.”
South Puget Sound Community College
“Nancy was incredible, warm and smart self. Everyone loved her and she made such a difference. She was so warm with everyone and gave most people personal time to talk.”
Imagine Philanthropy
“Working with Nancy Giles for our Women's Leadership Forum was a sincere pleasure. Nancy was a joy, from the moment she stepped off the plane in Minneapolis. Her warmth and good-natured attitude lit up the room; every person who attended our event left feeling empowered for having heard her message about size and body image. She is an entertaining speaker with a real message that resonates with the head and the heart.”
MultiCultural Development Center (MCDC)
“Nancy was great! She was funny and touching and also really connected well with our group of attendees. She also went above and beyond when a technical issue at the end of the conference caused our incoming president to have to improv a bit- and Nancy joined him onstage for a rousing version of Viva Las Vegas. It brought the house down!!”
National Association of Colleges and Employers
“The students said that that morning with Nancy was for them an absolutely ESSENTIAL moment of this entire program. They felt inspired and supported and HEARD as ARTISTS with their own voices.”
Oberlin College
“Ms. Giles packed the house despite inclement weather. With her wit and the way she wove subject matter, she allowed me to participate in her inspiration rather than watch it. She took the lofty 'wow you are amazing' to 'wow I'm amazing with you.' Her Q&A session as warm, funny and honest. Simply said, SHE ROCKED IT!”
Toward Community, Fox Cities Rotary Multicultural Center
“Wonderful. She is a lovely person. We had a few moments one on one, and then she was swamped by the crowd.”
Virginia Beach Forum
“Her view of how the media perceives the black experience is brainy and hilarious...first-class comedy.”
“Your luncheon keynote was very engaging and provided a great tie-in to our host city of Los Angeles. Sharing your career challenges through a light-hearted and comedic delivery provided the energy that our audience needed during our biggest and busiest day of the week.”
Women's Business Enterprise National Council
“We absolutely loved having Nancy speak to us. She brought us an entire hour of laughter and joy. She was the highlight of our year.
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