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Mireille Guiliano
Mireille Guiliano
Author, French Women Don't Get Fat
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Mireille Guiliano
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Author of French Women Don’t Get Fat and the former President & CEO of Clicquot, Inc. (LVMH) Mireille Guiliano has been lauded as “a true marketing innovator” and “the high priestess of French lady wisdom.”

Hailing from northern France, Guiliano was tapped to re-launch the 225-year-old flagship brand Veuve Clicquot champagne in the US. Under her leadership, the brand’s market share grew from less than one percent to more than 25%. 

Guiliano’s blockbuster bestseller, French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure, extols unique dietary and lifestyle choices that include bread, chocolate, and romance. Translated into 37 languages, the book was a #1 New York TimesLos Angeles Times, and Wall Street Journal bestseller. Academy Award-winner Hillary Swank’s production company bought the film rights planning a romantic comedy adaptation. Publisher's Weekly called it "a welcome reprieve from the scores of diet books...a stirring reminder of the importance of joie de vivre."

Known as a “barrier breaking pioneer,” Guiliano draws on her experiences traversing the highest ranks of the business world in her book, Women, Work, and The Art of Savoir Faire. A guide to work-life balance, the book gives practical advice on risk taking, career advancement, leadership, branding, etiquette, mentoring, communication skills, and personal relationships based on real-life scenarios.

Guiliano also authored The French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook, French Women For All Seasons, and French Women Don't Get Facelifts: The Secret of Aging with Style and Attitude. She created an online community and frequently blogs about her life, work, and travels. Her latest, Meet Paris Oyster: A Love Affair with the Perfect Food, is a look at oysters and the people who harvest and serve them. 

Educated in Paris, Guiliano came to the US as an exchange student after high school. She returned to France to study literature at the Sorbonne and languages at the Institut Supérieur d'Interprétariat et de Traduction. She made a permanent move to the US early in her professional career. France-Amérique magazine voted Guiliano one of the “Top 50 French People In America Who Count.”

Profile by The New York TimesBusinessweekTIME, and People, Guiliano has appeared on TODAY and Dateline. She contributes articles on food, wine, and lifestyle to various publications including Newsweek and HLN

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  • Mireille on Women and Careers, mentoring, risk-taking, creating opportunities
  • The recipe for managing and living a good life (Commonwealth Club)
  • Guiliano at Toronto Indigo Event (2010)
  • Tips and Tricks from Mireille Guiliano (2008)
  • Mirielle Guiliano: Life is too short not to enjoy pleasures (2007)
  • Living well and living longer
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Speaking Topics
French Women Don't Get Facelifts: The Secrets of Aging with Style and Attitude

Mireille Guiliano shares the secrets and strategies of aging with attitude, joy, and no surgery.
With her signature blend of wit, no-nonsense advice, and storytelling flair, Guiliano returns with a delightful, encouraging take on beauty and aging for our times. For anyone who has ever spent the equivalent of a mortgage payment on anti-aging lotions or procedures, dressed inappropriate for their age, gained a little too much in the middle, or accidentally forgot how to flirt, here is a proactive way to stay looking and feeling great, without resorting to “the knife”-a French woman’s most guarded beauty secrets revealed for the benefit of us all!

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Women, Work and the Art of Savoir Faire: Business Sense and Sensibility

Mireille Guiliano took Veuve Clicquot to the top of the U.S. Champagne market using her French woman’s philosophy and sense of style. Drawing on her experiences at the front lines and highest echelons of the business world, and through lively stories, she gives women (and a few men, peut être) practical advice on topics including: passions and talents, improving communication skills, balancing work and life, coping with stress and turning yourself into a winning brand.

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French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure

French women don’t get fat, but they do enjoy bread, butter, pastry, wine and regular three-course meals. Unlocking the secrets of the “French Paradox,” Mireille explains how to banish the word “diet” forever and shares ways to cultivate an appreciation for what you put into your body, incorporate movement and take care of the whole you as a lifestyle—to ultimately feel “bien dans sa peau”  (good and comfortable in your own skin). She focuses on simple steps to incorporate into your lifestyle, to learn how to manage and gratify your appetite and change your relationship with food in a healthy and delicious way. As a former corporate executive constantly faced with people stress and travel stress, Mireille provides tips and tricks that ensure balance in your professional and personal life and the ability to perform well. Like her book, her talk is part memoir, part lifestyle guide, part food and recipe discourse, part cultural critique with lots of anecdotes, and all all Mireille.

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What's The Worst That Can Happen? Taking Chances

At moments of opportunity, people often become paralyzed by worry over the worst things that can happen. Controlling one’s fears and anxieties, not letting them dictate decisions, is an important professional skill and necessary for taking advantage of opportunities that come along. The best decisions Mireille has made, both in business and in life, have been risky ones and she shares valuable tactics for coping with risk and making smart decisions. In her practical, motivational, anecdotal style, she explains how to get past the fear and provides strategies for determining which risks are too risky and which are worth taking chance. Be ready for a savvy confidence-building and potentially life-changing lesson delivered in a most entertaining manner.

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Be Your Own Brand

Just as products and companies need a distinct look and message, having a personal brand helps you stand out from your competition and distinguish yourself at work and in life. Using the same winning strategies that turned Veuve Clicquot from a nearly unknown commodity to one of the best-known Champagnes in America and beyond, Mireille shares advice for creating your own personal brand, developing a unique style and manner, spotlighting your natural talents and strengths, and putting your best foot forward. Learn how to set yourself apart from competitors and put a little Mireille’s savoir faire to work in your personal and professional lives.

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Joie de Vivre: Living With All Five Senses

The joy of living is in direct proportion to how much pleasure you know how to derive from every moment. Mireille shares lessons gleaned from the French lifestyle, about a holistic approach that is sure to put a smile on your face—explaining how everything from personal grooming to eating habits to how you greet each day has the potential for unlocking pleasure and making life feel fuller. From making the most of each season’s pleasures to extracting joy from every stage of life, Mireille provides strategies for identifying and incorporating the unique pleasures that will make your life more meaningful. Mireille’s practical advice is anchored in real world experiences that she shares with her characteristic wit and style.

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Books & Other Works
  • Meet Paris Oyster: A Love Affair with the Perfect Food
  • Women, Work and The Art of Savoir Faire: Business Sense and Sensibility
  • French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure
  • French Women Don't Get Facelifts: The Secret of Aging with Style and Attitude
  • French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook
  • French Women For All Seasons: A Year of Secrets, Recipes and Pleasure
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“Excellent. Mireille Guiliano was a most gracious and appreciative guest, and she was a charmer on the platform. She attracted a large and enthusiastic audience.”
The Society of The Four Arts
“Mireille Guiliano was terrific yesterday, she gave such an inspiring speech which set the tone for the day. Everyone that I talked to loved her keynote address.”
Bryant University
“You have been truly an inspiration, particularly to the women in my programme.”
London School of Business
“Mireille was a delight. She is not only attractive but very
personable and has the right attitude!

We were all uplifted by her presentation.”
El Camino Hospital Foundation
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