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Joshua Cooper Ramo
Joshua Cooper Ramo
China Expert 
 Author, The Age of the Unthinkable
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Joshua Cooper Ramo
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Joshua Cooper Ramo is Vice Chairman and Co-CEO of global advisory firm Kissinger Associates and a member of the boards of directors of Starbucks and FedEx. His clients include some of the largest companies and investors in the world. The author of two bestsellers, The Age of the Unthinkable and The Seventh Sense, he puts forth a radical model for thriving in a world of connectivity and uncertainty.

A Mandarin speaker who divides his time between Beijing and New York, Ramo has spent over a decade witnessing, firsthand, the remarkable rise of a superpower. He understands China in all of its dynamism and complexity. His papers on China's development, including "The Beijing Consensus" and "Brand China," have been widely distributed in China and abroad. The World Economic Forum called him “one of China’s leading foreign-born scholars."

Ramo’s 2016 New York Times bestseller, The Seventh Sense: Power, Fortune, and Survival in the Age of Networks, explores what all the successful figures of this age see and feel: the disruptive force of networks in trade, politics, DNA, finance, the internet, and more. He introduces a new way of seeing the world, one which is based on his years advising generals, CEOs, and politicians. “Ramo has written a book that combines historic sweep and incisive detail,” said Walter Isaacson. “The Seventh Sense is a concept every businessman, diplomat, or student should aspire to master.”

Trained as an economist, Ramo was a technology editor at TIME and the youngest foreign editor in the magazine's history. In addition to more than 20 TIME cover stories, Fortune published "Globalism Goes Backward," Ramo's article on the need for companies and countries to adapt to the rise of the "inside economy."

In The Age of the Unthinkable, Ramo argues that economic and technological shifts have ushered in an era of unprecedented change and unintended consequences. Forbes called it “a poignant, informed and optimistic book,” and Newsweek described it as "a call to arms for smarter management of this increasingly complex world."

Ramo holds degrees from the University of Chicago and NYU. He has been a Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute and a founder of the US‐China Young Leaders Forum. He was the China analyst for NBC during the 2008 Olympic Games and has appeared on such programs as Meet the Press, Fareed Zakaria GPS, and Charlie Rose.

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Speaking Topics
Cultivating The Seventh Sense: An Essential Instinct for Success in an Age of Networks

We are living in an era of transformation. Not since the fall of the Roman Empire, the Industrial Revolution, and the Enlightenment have so many institutions been in danger of toppling. But what are the roots of this change and who are the ones getting ahead of it?

Welcome to the Age of Networks.

In his speech Cultivating The Seventh Sense: An Essential Instinct for Success in an Age of Networks,  Joshua Cooper Ramo finds the answer: when things are networked, they are fundamentally changed. From ISIS to the 2016 Election, Facebook to Airbnb to A.I., and the rise of China to fall of the middle class, Ramo draws a line connecting these seemingly disparate shifts and shows how their connection is changing the world. Those who see and understand these networks are thriving — an opportunity that is as terrifying as it is exciting — but with The Seventh Sense, you’ll be thinking at the speed of technology.

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Asia Rising: From North Korean Nukes to Chinese IPOs and Korean Pop Groups, An Inside Look at The World's Future Growth Engine
Globalization in an Age of A.I. and Disruption
The Age of the Unthinkable: Leading and Thriving in an Uncertain World
Inside China

As Vice Chairman and Co-CEO of Kissinger Associates, Joshua Cooper Ramo has been witnessing firsthand the remarkable rise of a superpower for over a decade. What does the epic China growth story, in all of its great complexity, mean for you, your country, your organization? What are the challenges, risks, and opportunities? From the countryside to the boardrooms and the leadership in Beijing, Ramo presents an in-depth look at what’s really going on in China — politically, economically, militarily, culturally — and how to deal with it.

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China Business: What Every Successful Company Doing Business in China Must Master
Economic Puzzles of the New Century: Lessons from a Near Collapse and How to Thrive in a Chaotic Global Economy
Face To Face in China : Negotiating Lessons from a Decade of High Intensity Encounters
Books & Other Works
  • The Seventh Sense
  • Fortune: Globalism Goes Backward
  • The Age of the Unthinkable: Why the New World Disorder Constantly Surprises Us And What We Can Do...
  • TIME Cover Story: Obama's China Challenge
  • TIME Cover Story: Out of Work In America
  • Brand China
  • No Visible Horizon: Surviving the World's Most Dangerous Sport
  • TIME Cover Story: The Five Virtues of Kofi Annan
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“Joshua truly did an amazing job! His 20-minute presentation had our audience literally mesmerized. Out of the 16 world class speakers speaking that day, his presentation was rated as one of the top speakers of the day by our audience. Joshua's unique explanation about how different the Chinese culture is compared to the American culture and how that difference shows up in business and personal relationships was eye opening to us all.”
The UP Experience
“He was BRILLIANT! More than one attendee said he was the best Leader to Leader speaker we've ever had.”
Pacific Coast Builders Conference
“Please convey our heartfelt gratitude to Joshua Cooper Ramo for his wonderful contribution and commitment to the tremendous success of the Blockchain Valley Conference.

We highly appreciate his great knowledge that he shared with our audience. We have received excellent feedback for his outstanding presentation. It was "mind-opening“, as one participant noted in his feedback, and a perfect closing of the conference. Participants highly appreciated his insights in power and networks in a larger sense.”
Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute
“Joshua made a superb presentation and we have received a lot of positive feedback on his performance and the content of his presentation. Professional and to the point! He is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.”
Novozymes A/S
“We have had nothing but rave reviews. Many committee members have received calls from our subscribers, some of whom say they have never made a congratulatory call about a program before, but wanted us to know how impressed they were with your presentation...The committee gave you an evaluation mark of 10+. You can tell Fareed that you two, out of a group of more than fifty distinguished speakers, are now tied for the highest marks in our thirteen-year history.”
Distinguished Lecture Series of Vero Beach, Riverside Theatre
“Joshua was AMAZING! The audience loved him. He was so easy to work with...Truly a home run.”
Personal Care Products Council
“Joshua did a wonderful job. Everyone was so impressed with how clear he sees the imperative of new, nuanced thinking to solve the world's complex problems.”
Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce
“Thought-provoking...Ramo questions conventional thinking and provides fresh ideas - something we deeply need these days.”
Walter Isaacson, author of Einstein
“A great read, a wondrous and unexpected journey through a world that keeps getting more complicated. Joshua Cooper Ramo has a beautiful mind and a beautiful pen, and both are evident in this stimulating book.”
Fareed Zakaria, Author of The Post American World
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