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Joel Meyerowitz
Joel Meyerowitz
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Joel Meyerowitz
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Creator of The World Trade Center Archive Joel Meyerowitz is internationally renowned for his pioneering work in color photography and his view camera artistry. A Guggenheim Fellow and an NEA and NEH award-winner, Meyerowitz was the only photographer to gain unlimited access to Ground Zero after 9/11. Over eight months, he took over 8,000 photographs of what he called "the forbidden city," capturing on film the monumental scale of the ruin as well as the moments of courage, compassion and solidarity during the recovery and cleanup.

"To me, no photographs meant no history," says Meyerowitz. "My task was to make a record of the aftermath: the awesome spectacle of destruction; the reverence for the dead; the steadfast, painstaking effort of recovery; the life of those whose act of salvation has embedded itself deeply into the consciousness of all of us in America and around the world." An exhibit from his World Trade Center Archive has traveled to over 200 cities in 60 countries. The World Trade Center Museum will permanently display a selection of the Archive.

His book Aftermath: The World Trade Center Archive featured 400 photographs of Ground Zero and the beauty and bravery Meyerowtiz observed amid the loss. The images in the book are interspersed with personal reminiscences and stories celebrating the thousands of people who worked at the site.

Meyerowitz is the author of 17 books, including Tuscany: Inside the LightBystander: The History of Street Photography; and Legacy: The Preservation of Wilderness in New York City Parks. His first book, Cape Light, is a classic of color photography, selling more than 100,000 copies.His work has appeared in over 350 galleries and museums around the world, and has been featured by NightlineThe New York Times, and CBS Sunday Morning

His most recent books include Provence: Lasting Impressions, with co-author, novelist, and playwright Maggie Barrett, and Taking My Time, curated by Meyerowitz, a two volume, limited edition retrospective of his career and includes nearly 600 images, some previously unpublished. Throughout 2015, he will feature one new photograph every day on his blog, "Once More Around the Sun." 

Meyerowitz won the Lucie Foundation's 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award and the 2012 Centenary Medal from the Royal Photographic Society.

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Speaking Topics
Living in a Digital World: We Are All Photographers
Seeing the World Around You: 40 Years of Making Photographs
Making a Difference: Social Consciousness and the Artist as Activist
Photographing Ground Zero: Images & Memories
Books & Other Works
  • Taking My Time
  • Aftermath: World Trade Center Archive
  • Provence: Lasting Impressions
  • Cape Light: Color Photographs by Joel Meyerowitz
  • Tuscany: Inside the Light
  • Legacy: The Preservation of Wilderness in New York City Parks
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“I think it was one of the best evenings we've ever had at the temple. His delivery was absolutely outstanding. Not only are his pictures wonderful, but he just relates so beautifully with the audience. One person said it was a shame we didn't record it because his remarks really are equally as important, we felt, as his photographs. And he's an outstanding human being. I think we were fortunate to have him. I can't say enough about the evening.”
Temple Beth-El
“Joel Meyerowitz was amazing and such a pleasure to work with and everyone responded really well. The turnout was fabulous we had about 1000 people show up.”
Utah State University
“Excellent presentation. Joel is terrific.”
University of California at Santa Barbara
“The event was a huge success. Mr. Meyerowitz was very gracious with his time and was very interested in mingling with the audience. I think the lecture was probably the best that I have helped program here at UK in the last two semesters.”
University of Kentucky
“Joel was great! He did an excellent radio interview, had a great time with the students, worked the donors and awed the crowd! He was everything we hoped.”
Laramie County Community College
“With his series of images at Ground Zero, Joel Meyerowitz manages uncannily to meld the haunting lyricism of his light-and-space Cape palette to the vivid immediacy of his earlier street-photographer style. And with his slide presentation of the material, he surprises by proving every bit as captivating and evocative a speaker and raconteur as he is a photographer.”
NY Institute for the Humanities
“Joel Meyerowitz is an amazing person who has so much to give. He took so many opportunities to answer questions and to speak to our students at every turn. His lecture and presentation was an amazing experience as well. We had standing room only and no one left. Because of the intensity of his work and the passion of his storytelling; our students, our community, our artists were present for a moment that may never be repeated for them. Yes it is the subject and the work and I think, Joel Meyerowitz himself.”
Savannah College of Art and Design
Film & Movies
New York City
The Arts