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Eliot Spitzer
Eliot Spitzer
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Eliot Spitzer
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Former New York State Governor and Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer is a hard-charging agent of change. He’s been a regular television panelist, pundit, and the host of Viewpoint on Current TV, where he sat at the forefront of the American political scene. He was a blogger for Slate magazine, offering theoretical and historical perspectives on economic issues directed toward today’s politicians and executives for “making government work better.”

Before making his mark in politics, Spitzer worked as a lawyer in New York City. He worked at several private firms and clerked for Federal District Judge Robert W. Sweet before tackling organized crime and corruption as an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan. In this position, he successfully prosecuted several senior members of the high-profile Gambino crime family. In 2013, Spitzer released the ebook Protecting Capitalism Case by Case, a first-hand account of his most famous cases as Attorney General. 

From 1998 to 2006, Spitzer conquered New York State as Attorney General, earning the nickname the “Sheriff of Wall Street” and setting a new standard for law enforcement in financial fraud, environmental protection, and civil rights. Named TIME’s 2002 “Crusader of the Year" and the Financial Times’ 2004 “Person of the Year,” he successfully ran for Governor of New York in 2007.  

Spitzer attended the Horace Mann School before studying at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs. Later, he served as Editor of Harvard Law School’s Harvard Law Review and worked for famed law professor Alan Dershowitz.  

Previously seen on CNN’s In the Arena, Spitzer also helps to run the family real estate business and works as an adjunct professor of Political Science at the City University of New York.  

His first book, 2011’s Government’s Place in the Market, analyzes how and when government should step in on marketplace issues. Spitzer’s methodical text suggests strategic ways the U.S. government and business world could coexist while initiating change for the global economy and public interest. Booklist said, “This tract returns Spitzer to the original impression he made on the political scene as a scourge of Wall Street.”

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“Mr. Spitzer was great, we received lots of positive feedback about his presentation. He was very involved attending all events and sessions leading up to his presentation. I had the pleasure of meeting him and found him to be welcoming and quite frankly very down to earth. I received many comments on how available he made himself and how he took the time to speak with everyone. It was a pleasure having him!”
Market Counsel
“He was fabulous!! He was generous with his time, warm, gracious, and truly brilliant. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.”
JCC of San Francisco
“Eliot Spitzer was the spark who kept a roomful of hundreds of Silicon Valley CFO's at rapt attention...Spitzer engages his fellow presenters and captivates his audience with adroit judgments and insightful humor. He electrified the event and I'd love to have him present for any audience.”
Financial Executives International - Silicon Valley
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