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Camryn Manheim
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Camryn Manheim
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Acclaimed actress and social activist Camryn Manheim found success on her own terms. Known for her Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning role on The Practice, Manheim has proven a fierce trailblazer on and off the screen. Shattering her critics’ expectations and defining her career by versatility, determination, and a sense of adventure, Manheim continues to inspire legions of fans, audiences, and women with her candor, humor, and story. 

As she tells in her New York Times bestseller, Wake Up, I’m Fat, Manheim's journey in show business has been an exercise in resilience. She says, “I have been a fighter since the day I was born. In fact, I feel like I have boxing gloves on all the time.”

“If you're a big girl like me, you can either destroy your spirit or you can accept and love yourself just the way you are,” Manheim told The New York Times.

Her strength prevailed, leading to her iconic, Emmy-winning role on The Practice, which lasted eight seasons. Her rare comedic and dramatic talents earned her parts on some of TV’s biggest shows. Winning laughs on Two and a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, and Will & Grace, Manheim also unnerved audiences as “Control” on Person of Interest.

In 2015, Manheim made an unforgettable Broadway debut in Deaf West’s production of Spring Awakening. Fluent in American Sign Language since college, Manheim spoke and signed her dialogue in this groundbreaking revival.

Off-screen, Manheim raised everyone’s expectations as a semi-professional poker player, competing on Celebrity Poker Showdown and Celebrity Blackjack, raising money for Children’s Media Fund, the Venice Family Clinic, and the ACLU.

Manheim was named one of the “Most Intriguing People” by People magazine and “Woman of the Year” by Glamour. Always passionate, with a dash of irreverence, her speeches cover everything from show business to self-esteem. Manheim reminds audiences that life is not a dress rehearsal and to get the part—they must first believe in themselves.

A vocal advocate for human rights, Manheim’s social activism has included work with the ACLU, RAINN, and Planned Parenthood. She has been honored by the National Council of Jewish Women, the National Lawyers Guild, and received an E! Fashion award from Joan Rivers, which she claims was the hardest award to get.

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Speaking Topics
Behind the Camera with Camryn Manheim

A movie might be the end result, but the real story happens behind the scenes. To get to the premiere, you have to be as good at business as you are on stage. Having experienced the ups and downs of a life in the arts, Camryn Manheim shares what brought her to the top and how she stayed there. Join Manheim as she guides you through the glitz and glamor of the silver screen and the business behind it.  

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Mitzvah Therapy: Living Life Generously

Tikkun olam is a Hebrew phrase that translates to “repairing the world.” Understanding the world’s interconnectedness and our own responsibility to others is at the heart of being a citizen of the world. In her speech Mitzvah Therapy: Living Life Generously, Camryn Manheim explains how doing well by others really helps us to do well for ourselves.

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Breaking the Rules: Don't Take 'No' For an Answer

In today’s competitive world, people face rejection on an almost daily basis and in show business that level of rejection is magnified exponentially. Learning how to process those rejections is the key to unlocking success and getting to where you want to go. In this talk, Camryn Manheim explains how the fastest route to achievement is getting past negative people who put up barriers and paving your own road to success.

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Being the Star of Your Own Life

Opportunity doesn’t just stumble onto your doorstep. You have to get out there and make your own luck. With decades of experience and success in one of the world’s most competitive fields, Camryn Manheim has seen and done it all in Hollywood, managing to stay relevant in an always changing industry without losing sight of herself and her goals. Persistence, strategy, and negotiation are your tools, and she knows how to use them. Allow Manheim to teach you to make confidence your co-star and get the role of a lifetime.

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Books & Other Works
  • Note to Self
  • Wake Up, I'm Fat
“We had a wonderful day with Camryn! Our guests loved her and are now plagued with the challenge of who could possibly top her for next year!”
Jewish Federation of Sarasota
“Camryn Manheim reminded us that the world is a better place when “you do good, not because you hope to get rewarded later, but because it feels good to do so.” Her humor, wit and understanding of our work was obvious with her Ode to the Awesome People of HealthPoint. I knew Camryn would make it personal; I didn’t know how much time she would spend making sure that it was on point in every way! She brought it home not only to HealthPoint but to the Pacific Northwest and to health care in general. She was articulate, intelligent and had us laughing. She told me early on that her job was to “inspire generosity” and that she did!”
“Camryn Manheim “hit it out of the ballpark” with her message to the 1,450 women who attended YWCA’s In the Company of Women luncheon. She both inspired and entertained, and she clearly invested of herself to customized her message for us and to our audience. I would highly recommend her as a keynote speaker.”
YWCA Hartford
“Camryn was FANTASTIC!! Everyone LOVED her – and I mean LOVED her! She has some new “besties” here in Phoenix. Thank you for all of your help in arranging the appearance.”
Jewish Community Association of Greater Phoenix
“Camryn was fabulous! What a mensch (can women be mensches?) Anyway, we are all big fans. Thanks for recommending her. She will be hard to top for next year.”
Cleveland Jewish Federation
“Camryn Manheim was PHENOMENAL!!!Everyone loved her. She was so real, down to earth, friendly, and engaged the women in a very personal, warm and loving way. She was a pleasure to be and work with. The event was a HUGE success.”
United Jewish Communities of MetroWest
“She was warm, generous, funny, perceptive, focused, giving, down-to-earth and immensely popular with our students, faculty and community members. She is a wonderful story-teller… We were all fascinated.”
Saint Mary's College
“In a sometimes serious, often humorous speech, she referred to Queen Esther, Golda Meir, and her mother, and said the wonderful women of UJA NNJ are in the mold of those three greats. She spoke of the power of doing "mitzvah therapy" and how good deeds make you feel good.”
UJA Federation of Northern New Jersey
“Thanks so much!! What we will do next year for an encore?? Our community is saying that this was the best Voices ever!!”
Jewish Federation of Hartford
“Camryn was fabulous!! She exceeded my expectations and, in my history of doing this particular fund raising dinner (four years), is the only speaker to ever have received a standing ovation.”
Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle
“Our event last week with Camryn Manheim was a smashing success!!!!!”
Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix
“Can I tell you you again how fabulous Camryn was? People can't stop talking about her. We've been riding this huge wave of excitement and happiness all weekend.”
Jewish Federation of Greater Houston
“A dynamic speaker who infuses the audience with her enthusiasm. Her message is loud and clear, and is applicable not only to those pursuing or considering a career in the arts, but to humanity at large.”
University of Portland
“You are fantastic! The campus is still a-buzz from your visit. Thank you for generously lavishing our UC Santa Cruz community with your time, attention, wit and wisdom. Alumni who attended ... were bouncing on the edge of their seats as you described your life and experiences.”
University of California, Santa Cruz
“What can I was FABULOUS! Camryn Manheim was one of the best speakers we have ever had. She is truly an extraordinary woman and captivated the audience with her warm, vivacious personality. The women were truly absorbed in her personal story and you could have heard a pin drop.”
Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County
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