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Annie McKee
Annie McKee
Emotional Intelligence Expert 
 Executive Coach
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Annie McKee
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Best-selling author, academic, and speaker Annie McKee, PhD is a sought-after advisor to leaders of Fortune 500 companies, governments, and NGOs around the globe. She has co-authored groundbreaking Harvard Business Review books on the power of emotional intelligence to change how we lead and engage with one another in our work, including Primal Leadership with Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis, Resonant Leadership with Richard Boyatzis, and Becoming a Resonant Leader with Boyatzis and Frances Johnston. Dr. McKee is also the author of Management: A Focus on Leaders. Named one of the Top 100 leaders by BusinessWeek, she has been called the “high priestess of executive coaching.”

A Senior Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, McKee teaches and leads the PennCLO Executive Doctoral Program and the Penn MedEd Master’s program, as well as teaching at the Wharton School’s Aresty Institute of Executive Education.

Based on her popular Harvard Business Review article, “Being Happy at Work Matters,” Dr. McKee’s 2017 book, How to Be Happy at Work: The Power of Purpose, Hope, and Friendship, draws from extensive research and decades of experience to deliver a hands-on guide with practical exercises and instructions for how to be happy at work – no matter what job you have. McKee’s vivid and moving real-life stories show how to use purpose, hope, and friendship to create and sustain happiness and ensure a healthy, positive climate for teams and throughout organizations.

Through her engaging speeches and customizable seminars, McKee demonstrates that “the best leaders create resonance — a reservoir of positivity that inspires passion and motivates people to perform at their best.” Annie is committed to helping good leaders become better and to creating vibrant workplace cultures where people and their institutions thrive.

Cofounder of Teleos Leadership Institute, Dr. McKee has reached more than 20,000 leaders in 40 countries, advising teams in the c-suite of Fortune/ FTSE 100 companies, as well as not-for-profits, healthcare and educational institutions. She is a member of the Homeland Security Science and Technology Advisory Board and faculty for the Police Executive Leadership Institute, a program she co-designed with a former police commissioner, the Major City Chiefs Association, and the Holocaust Museum. McKee is also a member of the McKinsey-sponsored think tank Consortium for the Advancement of Adult Learning and Development, as well as a member of Marshall Goldsmith’s Top 100 Coaches. 

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Speaking Topics
Happiness At Work: How purpose, hope and friendships lead to success

Dr. Annie McKee has developed a model for individual and organizational success that starts with a belief that is shared by the hundreds of leaders she has counseled over the years: happiness at work is the key to excellence. What, then, makes people happy and engaged at work?

First, we need to start by escaping “happiness traps” – beliefs and ways of engaging with work that leave us burned up, burned out, and miserable. Then, we need to seek purpose on the job and find ways to live our values and have a positive impact. We need a personally compelling vision of the future that is tied to our organization’s as well as our own personal hopes and dreams. Finally, we need friends at work with whom we share trust, generosity, and goals. We need to feel that we belong to a group of like-minded, yet wonderfully diverse people. Annie McKee shows that when we are happy, when purpose, hope and friendships are part of our work life, we can aspire to greatness individually and together.

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Great leaders inspire followers and peers alike, and they enable their teams and organizations to achieve outstanding results. And leadership can be learned! Annie McKee shares a straightforward and practical model for leading people that enables individuals, teams, and organizations to soar. McKee takes a hands-on, no nonsense approach to managers and senior leaders to focus on their strengths, develop emotional intelligence, and dispel outdated mindsets. Resonant leadership, McKee shows, is achievable for managers everywhere, even when times are tough and the pressures intense. 

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Leading Through Complexity, Change, and Transformation

Every leader is a change agent – they have to be, given the rate and pace of transformation in the world today. Business advisor Annie McKee shows that to successfully lead others in our constantly changing organizations, managers must start by building skills that enable them to be resilient and focused, even when the pressure is on. Dr. McKee’s practical model and straightforward approach to developing these skills will enable managers to create a resonant environment where people see that their work is tied to a larger, noble purpose, where a hopeful view of the future is shared by all, and where people are no longer skeptical or afraid of change, but welcome it.

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Healthcare organizations are among the most complicated in the world. Annie McKee shows that to deal with the complexity and constant change in healthcare organizations, leaders must create environments that are ripe with enthusiasm, hope, and passion. To create resonant climates, however, leaders must start with themselves: they must develop their emotional intelligence, paying particular attention to self-awareness, emotional self-management, and empathy; they must attend to the ever-present threat of burnout; and they need to develop the capacity to see the big picture – even when day-to-day pressures demand constant attention. Annie McKee shares concrete advice and practical models she has developed for the University of Pennsylvania’s Medical Education master’s program – a program for physician leaders and other healthcare executives. 

Dr. McKee makes the case that meaningful work, a compelling view of the future, and friendly, collaborative relationships are foundations of happiness in our careers – as they are foundations for success. When we claim the right to happiness at work and commit to creating powerful, positive team cultures, we help ourselves and others to manage the pressure of our always-on world. We, and those we lead, can tap into our strengths and skills that are so necessary in a rapidly changing industry and in our changing world.

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Employee Engagement: how to bring passion and purpose to work

Annie McKee has a solution for the engagement crisis we are experience in organizations around the world: dispel the myths that tell us our jobs must be grueling and instead, adopt the stance that work can be a source of meaning and fulfillment – no matter what we do or where we sit in the organization. Once we claim the right to be happy at work, says Dr. McKee, we can begin to change how we approach our jobs and what we do day-to-day, thereby affirming what’s most important to us and our organizations.  Dr. McKee’s eminently practical approach to changing how we think about work and how we engage with our daily tasks and goals will help employees, managers and leaders to reach for – and attain – individual and collective success.

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Coaching Excellence: How to Achieve Peak Performance

Executive coaching is a powerful tool for leadership development. It’s also expensive and not available to the vast majority of managers. Leadership coach Annie McKee shares how good managers can become great coaches by focusing first on their own leadership development: you can’t teach what you don’t know! Her practical, concrete approach enables managers to coach others toward excellence by understanding their employees’ strengths and hopes for the future, by providing opportunities for learning and growth, and by creating a resonant environment where collaboration is celebrated.

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Team happy: how to create a resonant microculture

Dr. Annie McKee’s work with organizations has led to a powerful conclusion: not only do we all want to be happy at work, we must be, if we are to be at our best. She has found that when we feel a sense of purpose and can see a compelling vision of the future, we are committed, creative and resilient. And when our relationships are based on generosity, trust, and friendship, we can soar – together.

Although most organizational cultures do not foster happiness or the conditions that lead to success, McKee shares sound advice for creating a resonant “microculture” around us, with and for the people we interact with every day. This begins by looking closely at values that drive our behavior at work, and actively choosing values such as respect, compassion, and commitment to human potential. Then, we can craft “rules of the road” for our teams that support collaboration, generosity, trust and mutual support. Finally, we must recognize the power of emotions and choose to approach work with a positive outlook, and enthusiasm rather than cynicism and negativity. Taking these steps lead to resonance in our teams – and change in our organizational cultures for the better.

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Burned Up and Burned Out: Reigniting Your Passion

In today’s always-on world, we need practical strategies for dealing with ever more pressure on the job. Business advisor Annie McKee shares how tapping into emotional intelligence and reconnecting with what we love about our work and our organization’s mission are a powerful way to deal with stress in the workplace. Dr. McKee’s insights enable leaders at all levels to tap into resilience, jumpstart passion for their jobs, and renew commitment to excellence – and their companies.

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Take Control: Run toward the future

Dr. Annie McKee’s work with leaders and organizations is the basis for her concrete and practical model for how to be happy, engaged and successful at work. Core to this model is the fact that every employee needs to see how his or her work ties to something that matters and to a personally compelling vision of the future. A vision that motivates is core to hope – and hope is core to happiness, commitment and success.

For managers, this means that translating the organization’s mission and vision – making the future come alive in different ways for different people. This takes skill – particularly emotional intelligence. McKee shares practical tips for how managers can build these skills so that they can connect with their own vision of the future, understand others’ hopes and dreams, and create a resonant environment where happiness and engagement arise from passion for work and hope for the future.

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Customizable Half-day and Full-day Seminars or Workshops

Half-day and full-day seminars or workshops are based on McKee’s work and require a conference call with Dr. McKee prior to the event.

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Books & Other Works
  • How to Be Happy at Work: The Power of Purpose, Hope, and Friendship
  • Primal Leadership: The Hidden Driver of Great Performance
  • Resonant Leadership: Renewing Yourself and Connecting with Others Through Mindfulness, Hope and...
  • Becoming a Resonant Leader
  • Primal Leadership: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence
  • Breakthrough Leadership: It's Personal
  • Reawakening Your Passion for Work
  • Management: A Focus on Leaders
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“We are still receiving rave reviews from attendees about your thought provoking session—it hit just the note we were looking for.”
“Annie was extraordinary and having her open the conference was the absolute right decision. She received a standing ovation after her presentation and to this day, we continue to hear many positive comments about the impact her presentation had on our conference participants. It was one of the best presentations on leadership I have seen in many, many years! It was substantive, inspiring, personal, and relevant.”
George Mason University
“Dr. McKee was excellent. She modified the topic to talk more about EI and leadership in general, which was fine because it fit what the audience was used to and was perhaps expecting. We did not have a formal, written session evaluation document, but the verbal feedback was very positive.”
The California Agricultural Leadership Foundation
“We enjoyed having Dr. McKee as our guest speaker. Positive feedback is still rolling in on her presentation!”
Limited Brands
“I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation and gratitude for a wonderfully inspirational day on resonant leadership... Feedback from participants was absolutely positive.”
Singapore Institute of Management
“Her presentation was well received, and there were a lot of enthusiastic and positive comments.”
Society of Actuaries
“Awesome! .... She was a dream to work with.”
Society for Human Resource Management
“Annie was excellent!!!”
Dexia Group
“Thank you for a wonderful and insightful presentation! The week exceeded all of my expectations and ended on the highest note with testimonials from the Fellows. They felt renewed, re-motivated, re-energized and couldn't wait to get back to work on Monday! You were a large part of that outcome.”
Honolulu Pacific Federal Executive Board
“Dr. McKee was fantastic. Her talk on leadership really struck a chord among all levels of the University audience.”
The University of Findlay
“Annie McKee was outstanding. The presentation by Dr. McKee was a resounding success and, in a post conference evaluation, her presentation was deemed the most valuable and informative of all the presentations by the conference attendees.”
The Drug Enforcement Agency
“Annie McKee is fantastic and worked well with the students. She was very adept at explaining and showing the students through the workshop activities how to apply and use their Emotional Intelligence. The students definitely left the workshop with a new awareness of their individual strengths and capabilities.”
Boston College
“She rocked! It was such a pleasure to spend even just a bit of time with her!”
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