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Andrew Weil
Andrew Weil
Health and Wellness Pioneer
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Andrew Weil
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Physician and bestselling author Andrew Weil is a pioneer in the fields of health, wellness, and integrative medicine. Internationally recognized for his views on healthy living, aging, and the future of medicine, Dr. Weil was named one of “the world’s 100 most influential people” and one of "the 25 most influential Americans” by TIME.

Dr. Weil established the practice of integrative medicine, combining conventional and alternative healing. Director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, he founded the Arizona Center in 1994, the first of its kind to include courses on mind-body interactions, nutrition, herbs, and botanicals. He holds the Lovell-Jones Endowed Chair in Integrative Rheumatology and is Clinical Professor of Medicine and Professor of Public Health.

His books, including the international bestsellers Spontaneous HappinessEight Weeks to Optimum Health and Healthy Aging, have sold over 10 million copies. Weil wrote Why Our Health Matters: A Vision of Medicine That Can Transform Our Future and appeared in the 2012 documentary Escape Fire: The Fight to Save American Healthcare.

His latest book is Mind Over Meds: Know When Drugs Are Necessary, When Alternatives Are Better – and When to Let Your Body Heal on Its Own. Library Journal called it a "revolutionary book [that] casts a critical eye on modern medicine."

Incorporating Weil’s anti-inflammatory diet into their menu, True Food Kitchen restaurants are creating healthier communities all over the country. With 17 locations in 12 states, six more locations are set to open by winter 2018. His James Beard Award-nominated True Food: Seasonable, Sustainable, Simple, Pure includes 125 recipes for healthy eating at home.

Partnered with Origins, Dr. Weil’s line of clinically proven skincare formulas apply his approach to health, wellness, and ecological responsibility to beauty and skincare. Focused on sustainability and community, Dr. Weil donates 100% of his Origins proceeds to the Weil Foundation, which has given out over $4.1 million in grants.

His recent collaboration with Seabourn Cruise Line resulted in a Spa and Wellness program – the first-ever of its kind at sea – that integrates physical, environmental and spiritual well-being.

Dr. Weil earned his A.B. and M.D. degrees from Harvard University. Honored as the Pioneer in Integrative Medicine by The Institute for Health and Healing, he received the John P. McGovern Award in Behavior Sciences and was inducted into the Academy of Achievement.

A contributor to TIME and The Huffington Post, Weil writes a Self-Healing newsletter and creates content for Dr. and Dr. Weil’s Daily Health Tips. His many books, PBS specials, and TV appearances have inspired millions to lead healthier, happier lives.

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  • Weil's Vision for the Future of Integrative Medicine (2011)
  • Weil on Colbert (2007)
  • Dr. Weil interviewed by Sanjay Gupta about depression and happiness (2011)
  • Dr. Weil on Happiness vs. Contentment (2011)
  • Weil discusses the Anti-Inflammatory Diet (2011)
  • Dr. Weil on Emotional Intelligence (2011)
  • Dr. Weil talks to Dr. Oz about the future of medicine (2010)
  • Why our health matters (2009)
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Speaking Topics
Healthy Aging

Aging is a natural, universal process, and a biologic fact; anti-aging remedies cannot reverse the physical changes that come with growing older. Dr. Weil believes we can age with grace and offer the information and support you need to begin maximizing your well-being and maintaining your health, whatever your stage of life. That means accepting the aging process, adapting to the changes it brings, and discovering its rewards. He offers insights as to how we can delay the onset of age-related disease and discomfort, including advice about diet, exercise, handling stress, protecting our minds, and bringing spirituality into our lives. 

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True Food: Inspiring the Chef (and Nutritionist) In You
Spontaneous Healing and Optimum Health

Health is an intrinsic quality of resilience and balance that protects us from harm as we move through life. If you are healthy, you can interact with germs and not get infections, with allergens and not have allergic reactions, with toxins and not suffer damage. To protect and optimize health, you must attend to all lifestyle factors that affect it: diet, physical activity, stress, rest and sleep, emotions, as well as nonphysical (spiritual) influences. In this speech, Dr. Weill illuminates the body’s healing system, and the ways in which an individual can optimize his or her own system. He also outlines the alternative medicines and treatments available to aid the healing system, not only in the remission of life-threatening diseases but also in response to everyday illnesses and in day-to-day upkeep of basic health. 

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Transforming Health Care: The Future of Medicine, Hospitals, and Wellness

Dr. Andrew Weil wants to put the “care” back in our healthcare system. In this presentation, Dr. Weil gives us a complete plan to implement positive change now and for the future. The solution involves nothing less than the creation of a completely new culture of health, wellness, and medicine in this country, one that we can start building today.

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Spontaneous Happiness: Optimizing Emotional Well-Being

One in ten Americans — including children — are taking antidepressant drugs, and the World Health Organization predicts that by the year 2030, more people worldwide will be affected by depression that by any other health condition. Dr. Weil, who has struggled with moderate depression himself through midlife, investigates how we got here, what we can do outside of traditional medicine to start feeling more content, and how we can sustain this contentment through life’s inevitable dark patches. He explains how, scientifically, emotionally, and spiritually, humans have the innate ability to achieve positive emotions without external agencies — a process he calls spontaneous because it is a natural one that does not rely on drugs or other medicines. 

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Overmedicated: How a “pill for every ill” Has Made Us All Dependent

Modern medicine can be miraculously life-saving, and many illnesses demand its use. But prescription drug use in America has increased tenfold in the past 50 years, and over-the-counter drug use has risen just as dramatically. With a pill for every ill, we take drugs to help us sleep, keep us awake, calm our nerves and treat our pain. But with dangerous and sometimes fatal side effects, at what point do the risks outweigh the benefits?

In this speech, Dr. Andrew Weil addresses the problem of overmedication in America, and outlines when prescription medicine is necessary and when it is not. His scientific approach to integrative medicine will inform audiences how they can safely treat a range of ailments, from high blood pressure and allergies to depression and the common cold.

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Vitamins, Herbs & Alternative Therapies: What Works - What Doesn't
Books & Other Works
  • Mind Over Meds: Know When Drugs Are Necessary, When Alternatives Are Better – and When to Let...
  • Fast Food, Good Food
  • True Food: Seasonal, Sustainable, Simple, Pure
  • Why Our Health Matters: A Vision of Medicine That Can Transform Our Future
  • Spontaneous Happiness
  • Healthy Aging: A Lifelong Guide to Your Physical and Spiritual Well-Being
  • 8 Weeks to Optimum Health: A Proven Program for Taking Full Advantage of Your Body's Natural...
  • Spontaneous Healing: How to Discover and Embrace Your Body's Natural Ability to Maintain and Heal...
  • Eating Well for Optimum Health: The Essential Guide to Food, Diet, and Nutrition
  • The Healthy Kitchen: Recipes for a Better Body, Life, and Spirit
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“I'm sure you've heard this a thousand times, but I'll say it anyway -- you are a most dynamic and motivating speaker. It was a pleasure and privilege to have you as a lecturer at the Garden.”
The New York Botanical Garden
“Dr. Weil was TERRIFIC!”
Distinguished Lecture Series of Southern California
“Dr. Weil’s work is enormously important and it is a pleasure to have him present with us and enlighten our class.”
Integrative Nutrition
“It was excellent! Comments included 'best conference in 35 years!' Thank you for your efforts in making this event a resounding success.”
Still University
“He gave a terrific presentation and had the highest attendance for the series this season. He was great to work with and very easy going.”
University of Wisconsin
“We’ve received VERY positive feedback about Dr. Weil and I enjoyed his visit. He was definitely one of our most popular speakers.”
Laird Norton Tyee
“I believe that Andrew Weil helped make this year’s Better Together event (our tenth) the best yet! The more than 450 guests in attendance were treated to the brilliant ideas of a true pioneer in the field of integrative medicine. We especially appreciated the extra steps he took to tailor his message to the work we are doing in our community around hunger and nutrition. Dr. Weil was gracious to our guests and generous with his time. We could not have asked for a better match for our message.”
Gulf Coast Community Foundation
“His passion is infectious....He 'wowed' the crowd with his ability to relate to their problems.”
Bath & Body Works
“He was superb...both on and off the stage. He was the perfect guest and enlighted all three audiences. He is a pro.”
Foothill College Celebrity Series
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