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Admiral William Fallon
Military Commander 
 Cybersecurity Expert
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Admiral William Fallon
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Four-star Admiral and Chairman of cybersecurity company CounterTack, William “Fox” Fallon was the first Navy officer to head US Central Command. Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates called him “one of the best strategic thinkers in uniform."

Adm. Fallon led US and Allied forces in eight separate commands at the highest levels of American government before retiring after 41 years of leadership. His advocacy of diplomatic and economic engagement as the preferred approach to resolving international disputes was the hallmark of his distinguished service.

As Commander of US Central Command from 2007 to 2008, Adm. Fallon led US military forces in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa and was instrumental in the turnaround of the ground situation in Iraq. He promoted active communication between governments while in command of the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. During his tenure as Commander of the US Pacific Command, he promoted stronger military-to-military relations between the US and China.

He applies his experience in international security, political, and commercial affairs to his current role as chairman of CounterTack, Inc., a cybersecurity company. His years in the military helped shape his understanding of the rising need for cybersecurity to protect sensitive communications and critical assets and reinforced his commitment to an active response to cyber threats.

Adm. Fallon operates his own consulting and advisory business, William J. Fallon & Associates, LLC and is a partner at TilwellPetroleum, LLC. He is a distinguished Fellow at the Center for Naval Analyses, a member of the U.S. Secretary of Defense Science Board, and sits on the advisory board of cybersecurity startup Cylance, as well as the American Security Project, a bipartisan public policy initiative dedicated to fostering knowledge about national security and foreign policy issues. He recently joined the ownership and management team of SM&A, an Irvine, CA based consulting firm.

Educated at Villanova University, the US Naval War College, and National War College, Adm. Fallon also holds his MA in International Studies from Old Dominion University. He spent a year as a Robert Wilhelm Fellow at the Mass. Institute of Technology Center for International Studies and serves as chair of the center’s advisory board. A frequent lecturer at universities, corporations, and symposia worldwide, Adm. Fallon champions initiatives in energy, cybersecurity, global health, and leadership by example.

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  • Admiral Fallon on U.S. Pivot to Asia (2014)
  • Fallon on Bloomberg TV: Preparing for a Cyber Security Breach
  • Fallon on China-U.S. Military Relations (2014)
  • Fallon at Dartmouth: US Policy in the Middle East (2012)
  • William J. Fallon Co-Chairs a Commission on Smart Global Health Policy (2010)
  • Admiral Fallon at the Council on Foreign Relations (2009)
  • Fallon on Charlie Rose talks Iran's role in Iraq and what he learned in the military (2008)
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Speaking Topics
Cybersecurity: What’s at Stake and How to Stay Ahead

With his background in leadership and responsibility for global communication and data networks, Admiral  William “Fox” Fallon analyzes the “cyber world” and the interdependent global IT networks that are at risk. He has extensive first hand experience with cyber crime and the efforts to combat it. The Chairman of CounterTack, a cybersecurity company, he has unique insights into the challenges facing nations, corporations, and organizations.
Admiral Fallon details the range of cyber actors seeking the highest levels of national security access and manipulation, from individual thrill-seeking “hackers” to corporate sleuths to state supported spies. The very attributes that facilitate Internet options and utility are fundamental vulnerabilities that can be exploited with potential grave harm to our daily routines.
The escalating sophistication and frequency of attacks have made the world of cybersecurity more complicated. Admiral Fallon can bring you up to speed and prepare you for what’s ahead. 

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Hot Spots: Global Risks and Challenges
China: Adversary or Ally?
Shifting Sands: U.S. Interests and Policy in the Middle East
Climate Change, Energy Independence, and National Security
The U.S. Military Today: Expanding Security in a Troubled World

Four decades in uniform and involvement in almost every military action and crisis since Vietnam have afforded Admiral Fallon a unique experience and perspective on our military and the roles and missions it shoulders around the world. Shaped by combat experience in four conflicts and extensive engagement with complex issues in readiness, training and the employment of military personnel, he understands and explains the state of our forces today. Admiral Fallon, as the U.S. commander in both Central Command, with responsibility for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Pacific Command, directing military actions in the Asia-Pacific area, has strong views about the value and use of our service personnel. His recent experience in most of the world’s troubled spots, have convinced him of the necessity for a strong military guided by smart, well reasoned policy decisions in Washington.

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America's Changing Role in a New World

Admiral Fallon offers strongly held views about the values and opportunities of U.S. leadership in the world. The U.S., as sole world superpower, has assumed huge responsibilities and finds itself heavily engaged in two ongoing conflicts and an erosion of support for our policies and interests worldwide. Challenged by terrorists and flagging support from key allies and partners, the nation still provides essential world leadership in political, economic and military spheres. Admiral Fallon believes that our country has a significant responsibility for leadership and the application of our peerless capabilities and blessings for the good of the world. He provides a view, honed by years of engagement with leaders from countries around the world, as well as extensive experience in Washington and in security and humanitarian crises, and the nation should continue to lead by example. He details opportunities and events in numerous anecdotes to support a position that people worldwide need and want our leadership and that this need merits our attention and engagement, certain risks notwithstanding.

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Leadership and Risk Management

The current turmoil in financial markets has sparked anxiety and concern among business leaders and households worldwide. Admiral Fallon shares his extensive experience with crises and risky situations, offering suggestions for coping with uncertainty and prescriptions for a more stable and secure future. Highlighting the necessity for strong leadership and vision, he talks about the roles of strategy, initiative, understanding the environment, attention to detail and working with people. Admiral Fallon explains the need for honest assessments and ways to identify and accept prudent risk. Illustrated by anecdotes and examples, his lifetime in positions of authority and responsibility and being held accountable for actions, is used to make a case for success when dealing with uncertainty.

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““We were honored and most pleased to have you among us. Your lecture was enormously refreshing and your call for engagement is strategically important at a time when as you well put it, everyone is just focused on "conflict, conflict, conflict"… I must also add that you were kind to take more questions than we had anticipated and the audience was very enthusiastic with the engagement. You sure have a very fine and likable personality and your popularity with our audience was very uplifting.””
American Iranian Council
““Thank you for joining us in Beijing. Your wonderful contribution to the UC San Diego and Tsinghua University Symposium helped send a powerful message.””
University of California, San Diego
Conflict Resolution
Cyber Security
Foreign Affairs
International Relations
Middle East
National Security
Net Neutrality
Risk Management
Risk Taking
Southeast Asia