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Robots, Jobs & Cyberwarfare with R. David Edelman

From cyberattacks to artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles to automation, technology continues to shape nearly every aspect of modern life. It’s no wonder then that MIT has hired R. David Edelman as Director of their new Project on Technology, the Economy, & National Security. Congratulations David!

One of the top advisors on the digital economy at the Obama White House, Dr. Edelman has spent a decade as one of America’s foremost voices on technology’s effect on the economy, education, national security, and our daily lives. He has led engagement with hundreds of technology companies around the world; advised the President on disruptive and emerging technologies; and was product manager of an over $15 billion portfolio of Presidential programs.

Dubbed the President’s “Geek-in-Chief” and named one of Forbes’ “30 Under 30” leaders in Law & Policy, Edelman was the first director for International Cyber Policy at the NSC. He is a graduate of Yale and Oxford.