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Richard Leakey and The Future of Life on Earth

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This week the United Nations delivered some disturbing news: climate change efforts are failing. Now is a time for new action. Now is the time to hear from Richard Leakey. 

A key voice behind wildlife conservation and preservation for over 40 years, Richard Leakey gives passionate and invigorating speeches about the future of life on Earth. His works The Origins of Humankind and The Sixth Extinction chronicle humanity’s impact on the planet and what it means today. He is the link between the past and the future, showing how everything that has come before is connected to what’s to come.

From his work in the Turkana Basin, where he and his team have discovered some of the world’s oldest fossils, to his fight against elephant poaching, he is a role model for how sustainability is everyone’s responsibility.  

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The Environment and Sustainability