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Read This: Dr. Daniel Goleman’s “The Trouble with Grit”

emotional intelligence

Grit. Employers, students, and top performers believe it is the key to success. But is grit enough?

According to Dr. Daniel Goleman, grit matters, but it’s only part of it. In his latest piece for LinkedIn, Dr. Goleman emphasizes the importance of cognitive control, which “lets us focus on one task and ignore distractions, keep a long-term goal in mind as we work toward it (that’s the grit part), manage disrupting emotions, be ready to learn, and more...When it comes to career success and shaping well-rounded parents, spouses, leaders, and citizens, grit alone will not do the job.” 

Companies look for high achievers who are strong collaborators and team players. Grit must be balanced with emotional intelligence.  

Following the release of his groundbreaking book Emotional Intelligence, Dr. Goleman has been studying the factors for success in today’s world. Ranked one of the 10 most influential business speakers by The Wall Street Journal, he has transformed the way the world educates children, relates to family and friends, and conducts business. His article “What Makes a Leader?” remains the most requested reprint in the history of Harvard Business Review