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PIMCO Keynote Speaker Anne-Marie Slaughter on Geopolitics

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Last week, PIMCO hosted Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter for keynote presentations on geopolitics and work/life balance. Here’s what they thought

“Dr. Slaughter’s presentation 'Hot Spots and Blind Spots' delving into the nuances and subtleties of geopolitical risk and analysis stood out as among the best in Secular Forum history. She was able to entertain, inform, and persuade a sophisticated audience.”

Regarding her second presentation, they said:

“PIMCO Parents hosted Dr. Slaughter to discuss her research on working women/parents in demanding careers. Yet again, she was engaging, dynamic, and thoughtful, encouraging innovation and creative thinking about topics of care and competition in the workplace. The audience left more informed and engaged, ready to brainstorm solutions at the firm level to issues related to care.”

Anne-Marie Slaughter is the President and CEO of New America Foundation, an ideas incubator that provides cutting-edge solutions for national and global problems. Her article, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All,” is the most-read article in The Atlantic’s 100-year history.