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NYT’s Tom Friedman talks to Nader Mousavizadeh: The Geopolitics of the Middle East

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That was the core question Tom Friedman asked Nader Mousavizadeh in his June 28 New York Times column, "Arsonists and Firefighters." According to Mousavizadeh, co-founder of Macro Advisory Partners and a former senior United Nations official, “the real struggle in the region is between arsonists and firefighters.” 

Commenting on the sectarian and nationalist unrest around the Middle East, Mousavizadeh told Friedman, “These are deliberate acts of arson set by different leaders to advance their narrow and shortsighted political, economic and security objectives. A mix of fatigue and fatalism is in danger of creating a narrative of irreversible Sunni-Shia conflict. This is historically false and releases the region’s leaders from their responsibility to wield power in a legitimate and accountable way.” 

With a unique mix of senior roles in diplomacy, investment banking, and advisory, Mousavizadeh combines rich personal anecdotes with deep analytical judgments about how organizations can navigate the risks at the nexus of markets, politics and policy in the global economy. 

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