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Now Available: Walter Mosley, Bestselling Author—New Book Rose Gold Out Now!

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Easy Rawlins returns in Rose Gold, the latest mystery by bestselling author Walter Mosley, out today! The book is already receiving high marks with starred reviews in both Publishers Weekly and BooklistKirkus Reviews says, "The most quotable of all contemporary detectives stirs up enough trouble for scene after memorable scene." 

Among the most prolific authors of fiction and non-fiction, Mosley peppers his hardboiled detective stories with the historical drama and social and political underpinnings of the mid-20th century, shining a light on the social politics of the past and the present. His is a voice like none other working today.

In his speeches, Mosley engages audiences with his subtle weaving of storytelling and political discourse. A truly fascinating man with a remarkable gift, Mosley makes sense of the world in a way few others can.

Walter Mosley is author of over 40 books, including Devil in a Blue Dress, as well as several non-fiction works, such as 12 Steps Toward Political Revelation.

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