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Now Available: TIME's Rana Foroohar

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Rana Foroohar’s latest TIME cover story, “What Starbucks Knows About America,” profiles Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who often talks about issues that other CEOs avoid, including youth unemployment, student debt, health care, veterans' rights, racism, and gun violence. According to Schultz, “The private sector simply has to take a larger role than they have in the past. If half the country or at least a third of the country doesn’t have the same opportunities as the rest going forward, then the country won’t survive.” 

These are issues that have been on Rana Foroohar’s mind for some time. 

In her speech “Are Companies More Powerful Than Countries?,” Foroohar looks at how the roles of business and government will merge in the future. She sketches the ways that the world’s most creative companies are taking on jobs that used to be part of the public sector and the risks and rewards that come with it. At a time when politicians have few solutions to the problems of the day, Foroohar says there is a huge opportunity for companies in areas like education, vocational training, IT, urban planning, and energy efficiency. 

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