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Now Available: TIME's Joe Klein on the Middle East

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Published in TIME magazine earlier this month, Joe Klein’s “The Path to Peace”makes a surprising argument in a way that only Klein could: the chaos in the Middle East might lead to peace. Klein’s analysis takes readers through current developments in the region, future prospects, and why Israelis and Arabs may just find unlikely allies in each other to overcome shared obstacles. 

For over 40 years, Joe Klein has been on the front lines, reporting from Middle East combat zones to American campaign buses, writing some of the world’s most provocative and probing news coverage. The author of Primary Colors, Joe Klein is one of America’s best political journalists, possessing, as the New York Timespraises, “one of the more musical ears in American politics, a gift for hearing what others miss.” From foreign policy to domestic issues, Klein offers audiences a wealth of knowledge, understanding, and clarity that few can deliver. 

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