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Now Available: Speeches on Cybersecurity by Adm. William Fallon

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“Staying ahead in the rapidly-moving cybersecurity wars requires agility, insight, and deep understanding about the latest hacking activities and methods. If we learn about habits, our devices, our networks and our adversaries, we will find ourselves on a path to success.”

With his background in leadership and responsibility for global communication and data networks, Admiral William “Fox” Fallon analyzes the “cyber world” and the interdependent global IT networks that are at risk. He details the range of cyber actors penetrating the highest levels of national security, from individual thrill-seeking “hackers” to corporate sleuths to state supported spies.

The escalating sophistication and frequency of attacks have made the world of cybersecurity more complicated. Admiral Fallon can bring you up-to-speed and prepare you for what's ahead. 

Four-star Admiral and Chairman of cybersecurity company CounterTack, William Fallon was the first Navy officer to head US Central Command. He has been called “one of the best strategic thinkers in uniform." 

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