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Now Available: Ruth Reichl, New Book and Speech from Bestselling Author And Food Writer

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“Mysterious misty morning. Crows wheeling, cawing. Storm is on the way. Coffee black. Eggs fried. Toast burnt. Gourmet’s over. What now?” — @RuthReich, 2009. 

In 140-characters, culinary-icon and bestselling author Ruth Reichlencapsulated her life taking a hard left turn. And in 136 recipes, she’s ready to show readers how she turned it all around.

Reichl’s new book, My Kitchen Year: 136 recipes That Saved My Life (available September 29), tells the story of how she lost her dream job, started over from scratch, and with the help of her friends, family, and food made a new life for herself. Part memoir, part cookbook My Kitchen Year is all Ruth, putting the joy, sorrow, and triumph of life into each and every dish. 

In her speaking engagements, she brings the same honesty and exuberance to the podium with such topics as: 

Bouncing Back: How to Make the Next Course Your Best

Tender at the Bone: On Writing, Memory and Memoir

American Food Now: How We Became a Nation of Foodies

Ruth’s kitchen year may have been her best one yet, and she can’t wait to share it with you. 

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