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Now Available: Rosewater author Maziar Bahari

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Based on the memoir by Maziar Bahari, Jon Stewart’s Rosewaterdramatizes the heroic and horrific imprisonment of a journalist held captive by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard in 2009. Stewart’s film hits screens on Friday, and now, you can hear the riveting true story from the man who lived it.

In his speeches, Maziar Bahari brings his remarkable tale of love, captivity, and survival to the podium. A journalist and documentary filmmaker, Bahari connects the dots between him, his captors, and the tortured history of Iran, delivering an unprecedented, first-person look into modern Iran and the men who run it.

"I could have made a satire," Stewart said. "I think it would have absolutely diminished the reality of how ridiculous what happened to Maziar was.” Hear the story as it happened.

Watch Maziar and Jon Stewart discuss Rosewater on CNN.

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