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Now Available: Richard Leakey, Legendary Activist & Paleoanthropologist

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Richard Leakey is one of the world's most passionate champions of life on Earth. Through his work as a paleoanthropologist, discovering humanity’s origins in the Turkana Basin, to his former role as the director of Kenyan Wildlife Services, Leakey has never wavered, proving that one person can enact change. He has dedicated his life to understanding and protecting life on our planet. But his fight is far from over.

As the Earth’s climate continues to weigh on the minds of scientists, policy makers, and everyday citizens, Richard Leakey makes us understand what's important and what needs to be done. Based on his works, The Origins of Humankind and The Sixth Extinction, Leakey’s speeches give audiences the courage to take action and fight for our future.

For over 45 years, Richard Leakey has reminded us what we as a species have in common and what is at stake for our survival. Read more about his astonishing work in this month’s Newsweek.  

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