Agents, Managers and Brokers for Speakers.

Agents, Managers and Brokers for Speakers.
Now Available: RCI Speakers on Human Rights and Activism

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Bestselling author of Red Notice and Hedge Fund Manager, Bill Browder exposes the dangers of doing business in Russia. In his talk Red Notice: From Financier to Activist, Browder shares how he went from the country's largest foreign investor to passing the Magnitsky Act, which puts a stop to business dealings with human rights offenders.


North Korean Defector Yeonmi Park is fast becoming a leading voice of oppressed people around the world. In Shining Light on the Darkest Place in the World: Inside North Korea, Park tells of her escape from the country, what life under the Kim dictatorship is really like, and how North Korean millennials will change everything.  


Maziar Bahari, the Iranian journalist imprisoned after appearing on The Daily Show and author ofRosewater, knows the injustice of tyranny all too well. In Citizen Journalism: Smart Phones, Social Media, and Democratization of the News, he'll show you how you can use your cell phone to speak truth to power.