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Agents, Managers and Brokers for Speakers.
Now Available: Raise Your Voice and Restore Democracy with Naomi Wolf, the bestselling author of The Beauty Myth

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We all have a voice, but how to use it can be tricky. With so many ways to make a difference, simply getting started can be overwhelming. That’s where Naomi Wolf comes in.

For decades, Dr. Naomi Wolf has committed her life to empowering individuals and strengthening democracy. She doesn't just comment on the world’s problems, she aims to solve them. Through her bestsellers, such as The Beauty Myth and The End of America, she has given readers specific ways to change the world around them. In her speeches, she brings her worldview and passion to such topics as:

Dr. Naomi Wolf has written eight bestselling works of nonfiction. She continues to question establishment views on gender, foreign policy, economics, and journalism in her columns for Huffington Post, The Guardian, and, most recently, Forbes. The founder and CEO of the tech startup DailyClout, Wolf is developing tools that allow citizens to access, share, and comment on Federal and State legislation.