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Now Available: New Topics from Amazing Race-winner Connor O'Leary

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Amazing Race All-Stars-winner and professional cyclist Connor O’Leary has traveled the world, raced his bicycle through Europe, and beaten cancer. Through highs and lows, positivity, determination, and focus have been cornerstones of his training, attitude, and drive to succeed. But the lessons Connor has learned along the way aren’t confined to bike races. They can inspire anyone.

Whether you want to prepare for the Olympics, increase your sales, get a better handle on your everyday life, or simply enjoy the unbelievable story of his race around the world with his dad, Connor provides an evening that’s as fun as it is inspirational.

Connor has four new topics that take audiences from the story of how focus saved his life to inside The Amazing Race. His programs include:

  • The Amazing Story Behind The Amazing Race
  • Beat the Odds: A Survivor’s Story
  • Focus is a Muscle
  • Run Your Own Race: Preparation, Positivity, and Perseverance

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