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Now Available: Neuroscientist Dr. Helen Fisher — Corporate Chemistry and How We Innovate

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How does innovation happen? For years, experts have pointed to environment, but while we have focused on finding the right place for innovation, we nearly missed the natural stimulus for breakthrough thinking. Neuroscientist Helen Fisher is here to change that. 

In her speeches, Dr. Helen Fisher, the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of NeuroColor, introduces the four basic biological styles of thinking and behaving that help get those wheels turning. As Dr. Fisher explains, brain science can be used to understand everyone from Steve Jobs to Oprah Winfrey and Einstein to Richard Branson, as well as you and your team. 

Whether you want to lead better, innovate more or have stronger relationships, Dr. Fisher can show you how. Neuroscientist, biological anthropologist, and author Dr. Helen Fisher is the Chief Scientific Advisor to and A TED All Star and a valued consultant for Procter and Gamble, she has worked with VISA, American Express, and Deloitte and has addressed audiences at Fortune magazine, SXSW, and The World Economic Forum.

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