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Now Available: Mitch Albom ("Tuesdays with Morrie") and Rebuilding Haiti

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It is a story and a mission like no other. January 12, 2015 marked the five-year anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti. Since 2010, Tuesdays with Morrie author Mitch Albom has committed himself to rebuilding Haiti’s future, helping orphaned children and running the Have Faith Haiti Mission. 

In his speech, “Unexpected Grace: The Have Faith Haiti Mission,” Mitch takes audiences into a world that is being reborn. He shares the stories of the orphans he takes in and tells their tales of resilience, their budding love of education and faith, and how they learned to love, trust, and laugh again. This talk is about how these amazing survivors have taught a man, who had no children of his own, that nothing is more important than saving a young life.

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