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Now Available: Jonathan Tepperman, author of The Fix — #1 Amazon Bestseller


“An indispensable handbook...Smart and agile...The timing of this book could not be better.” — The New York Times Book Review

At a time when there’s a lot of gloom about the world’s problems, Jonathan Tepperman, in his new #1 Amazon bestseller, The Fix: How Nations Survive and Thrive in a World in Decline, offers a timely and compelling look at global problem-solving and innovative solutions that could change the face of leadership. Tepperman, the Managing Editor of Foreign Affairs magazine, makes a “data-driven case for optimism at a moment of gathering darkness” by showing how leaders in countries from South Korea and Indonesia to Brazil and Canada have taken on — and triumphed over — some of the world’s biggest challenges.  The Fix was longlisted for the Financial Times / McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award. Fareed Zakaria hailed it as “wonderful, intelligent, well-written,” a book that "will inform and enlighten you — and cheer you up." From economic stagnation, inequality, and immigration to political gridlock, corruption, and Islamic extremism, Tepperman shares the surprising success stories from around the world and the practical lessons we can apply elsewhere, from boardrooms to banks to community centers. His speaking topics include:

  • The Risky Politics of Progress
  • (Not) The End of the World as We Know It: Why Everything Is Going To Be Ok
  • Leadership Lessons from the World's Most Successful Politicians
  • Can We Fix the Middle East?

Known for his deep knowledge of international affairs, Tepperman has interviewed more than a dozen world leaders, including Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, Japan’s Shinzo Abe, Brazil’s Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Mexico’s Enrique Peña Nieto, Indonesia’s Joko Widodo, and Rwanda’s Paul Kagame. He is co-editor of the books The U.S. vs. al Qaeda, Iran and the Bomb, and The Clash of Ideas. He has presented at TEDGlobal and appeared on CNN, MSNBC, the BBC, Fox News, and NPR.   

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