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Agents, Managers and Brokers for Speakers.
Now Available: HR's Most Influential Thinkers, Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Richard Boyatzis

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Congratulations to Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Richard Boyatzis, two ofHR magazine’s Top 10 "Most Influential International Thinkers


CEO of the Center for Talent Innovation, Sylvia Ann Hewlett is a leading expert in talent management, workplace transformation, and diversity. An economist known for cutting-edge research and concrete solutions, she helps corporations leverage talent across gender, generation, race, and culture. Dr. Hewlett's Task Force for Talent Innovation consists of more than 70 global companies. Her latest book is 2014's Executive Presence.


Co-author of the international bestseller Primal Leadership, Richard Boyatzis is one of the foremost authorities on leadership development and emotional intelligence. His research has revolutionized management education and transformed our understanding of how people and organizations change. Over 300,000 students from 205 countries have enrolled in his MOOC, "Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence."