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Now Available: Harvard professor and bestselling author Michael Sandel

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"Some 4,500 people packed the auditorium for Professor Sandel's public lecture. It was the biggest auditorium in Seoul, and I’m sure had we had a bigger one, we would have filled that, too.” - The ASAN Institute for Policy Studies

Harvard political philosopher and the bestselling author of What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets, Michael Sandel challenges audiences to confront the big ethical questions we face in business, politics, and our everyday lives. In his wildly popular books and his legendary Harvard course, “Justice,” that’s been viewed by millions around the world, Sandel inspires public debate about the ethics of leadership and the role of markets in a democratic society.  

China Daily says Sandel's books and online lectures have brought him “the kind of popularity usually reserved for Hollywood movie stars and NBA players.” His recent lecture tours have taken him across five continents and packed such venues as St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, the Sydney Opera House, and an outdoor amphitheater in Seoul, Korea, where 14,000 people came to hear him speak.

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