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Now Available: Glenn Close, Life, Career, and returning to Broadway

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This fall, award-winning actress Glenn Close makes her triumphant return to the Broadway stage in A Delicate Balance. Known for her unforgettable characters on screen, Close gave The Today Show an interview allowing viewers a brief glimpse behind the curtain. But that is only the beginning.  

In "An Evening with Glenn Close," the woman who created dozens of memorable characters invites audiences to discover who she is in real life.

Glenn Close has been appearing on stage and screen for decades, earning accolades and fans for such films as Fatal Attraction, The World According to Garp,101 Dalmatians, and most recently, on FX's hit show Damages, which completed it's five-year run in 2012. Off-screen she has dedicated herself to numerous causes, including Sundance, Wildlife Conservation, and Bring Change 2 Mind, the mental health advocacy organization she founded. 

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