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Now Available for Speaking Engagements: Maya Lin, Artist & Designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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Artist and designer Maya Lin interprets the natural world through history, politics, and culture, creating a body of work that balances art and architecture. Lin’s work becomes a part of the land, merging physical and psychological environments that presents a new way of seeing the world around us.

While an undergraduate student at Yale, Lin designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC, after winning a public design contest. It is now visited by more than four million people annually. 

Lin’s art asks us to consider how we relate and respond to the environment, embracing sustainable building design and environmental awareness through her work. Her memorials address the critical social and historical issues of our time. “What is Missing?,” Lin's latest work, is a cross-platform, global memorial to the planet, located in select scientific institutions, online as a website, and in a book, calling attention to the crisis surrounding biodiversity and habitat loss.

In her speeches, she deepens our understanding of her work by going in-depth on her process and inspiration.