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Agents, Managers and Brokers for Speakers.
Now Available: EI Expert Dr. Annie McKee — Talks on Leadership and Why Keeping Employees Happy Matters

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Annie McKee, the “high priestess of executive coaching,” according to Businessweek, has a simple message for companies across the world: happy people work harder and smarter. In her upcoming book, based on her popular Harvard Business Review article “Being Happy at Work Matters,” Annie McKee, the co-author of Resonant Leadership and Primal Leadership, explains how to engage employees by keeping them happy.  An emotional intelligence expert on the cutting edge of leadership and organizational culture, McKee is dedicated to making good leaders better and world-class corporations even more successful. In her speeches and half-day and full-day seminars, she can help put your team on the right track to success. Her programs include: 

Founder and Chairman of Teleos Leadership Institute, Annie McKee is the Director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Executive Doctoral Program and Medical Education Masters Program. She believes that resonant leaders do more than simply chart a strategy or manage resources — they create an environment where people can be engaged and excel.  Contact us to arrange for Annie McKee to speak at your next event. 

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