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Now Available: Conversations About Race with Nancy Giles

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Will we ever have a "conversation about race" (as if one conversation will do it), or is it safer to have yet another conversation about having a conversation about race? Well, Nancy Giles is ready to talk, and listen, and talk some more. She wonders: “Does anyone ever refer to ‘the white community?’ Who says I ‘don't sound black?’ Why are my people the only ethnic group to dance to the rhythm of a self-hating racial epithet? Are there actual black women who aren't strong and sassy, but neurotic and even unsure of themselves? Why is hair such an issue?”

Fearless in her exploration and presentation, Giles brings to the discussion the same level of wit, compassion, and insight that audiences have come to expect from her CBS Sunday Morning appearances. Striking the right balance of seriousness and levity, she dives in head first, sharing her own experiences and emails and letter correspondence from friend and foe alike. Come prepared to talk, as Nancy will reserve plenty of time at the end of her presentation for conversation with the audience.

Nancy Giles has spent over a decade on CBS Sunday Morning, providing the show with fresh perspectives on everyday life. A veteran of TV and stage, Giles offers a unique blend of laugh-out-loud humor and common-sense wisdom. 

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