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Now Available: Camryn Manheim, Actress, Activist & Author



Award-winning actress and perennial rule breaker Camryn Manheim has built her life on her own terms. A fierce trailblazer on and off the screen, she is also an author and social activist.

Wickedly funny and deeply passionate, Manheim tackles all of life’s issues with a big heart and a dash of irreverence. She explores a range of topics, from Life Behind the Camera and Breaking the Rules (not taking no for an answer), to her Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Living Life Generously, or what she calls Mitzvah Therapy, in which Camryn reminds us that we are, at heart, all connected.

Best known for her Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning role on The PracticeManheim has had recurring roles on Person of Interest and Major CrimesAn advocate for human rights, her social activism has included work with the ACLU, RAINN, Planned Parenthood and the American Cancer Society.