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Now Available: Bestselling author Ruth Reichl on Food, Culture, Writing, and Memory 

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We are what we eat, or so we’ve heard. But what does food actually say about us, our culture, our world? 

Ruth Reichl has been exploring that very question, plate after plate, for decades. As a food critic, the New York Times bestselling author of Delicious, and a judge on Top Chef Masters, Ruth has treated readers and viewers to what ingredients make up the world around us. One of the most recognizable and beloved culinary voices of her generation, she now shares meals and experiences, big and small, with her legion of fans and 769,000 Twitter followers. In her speeches, Ruth delivers a full five courses on her life, career, writing, and thoughts on food. Programs include: 

  • Tender at the Bone: On Writing, Memory, and Memoir
  • American Food Now: How We Became a Nation of Foodies
  • Bouncing Back: How to Make the Next Course Your Best
  • A Spy in the House of Food: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise

Ruth Reichl was the Editor-in-Chief of Gourmet Magazine for 10 years, and before that she was the restaurant critic of The New York Times and both the restaurant critic and food editor of the Los Angeles Times. She is currently writing her fifth memoir, which is due out in 2018.