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Now Available: Bestselling Author & Fighter Pilot Dan Hampton on Leadership Under Pressure

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From the cockpit to the boardroom, high-pressure situations make leaders, but are these teachable moments? Is great leadership an acquired skill set or a natural trait? Does the leader manage the situation or does the situation create the leader? 

In his speech, "Leader of the Pack: Peak Performance in High-Pressure Situations,” Dan Hampton delivers practical lessons for remaining calm under stress, rising to the occasion, and achieving top performance.

To be an effective leader, one must adapt to each challenge. Dan Hampton, one of the most decorated fighter pilots since Vietnam and the bestselling author of Viper Pilot, can show you how.Other speaking topics by Dan Hampton include:

  • "Global Terror and Security Challenges"
  • "Water: The Next War"
  • "The Middle East and the Road Ahead"

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