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Now Available: BD Wong (Gotham, Law & Order, Jurassic World) on Letting Go and Enjoying the Roles You Have

Like all Royce Carlton Speakers, B D Wong is exclusively represented by Royce Carlton, Inc. for lectures and speaking engagements.


One of America’s most versatile actors, BD Wong has been a staple of stage, screen, and TV for more than twenty years. With such hits to his name as Law & Order: SVU, Oz, and Jurassic World, BD has been making the most of 2016 with roles on two series everyone is talking about: Mr. Robot and as the diabolical Dr. Hugo Strange on Gotham

Whether he’s playing a mad scientist, a forensic analyst, or an Opera-singing man masquerading as a woman, as he did in the Tony-winning M. Butterfly, BD Wong brings his life’s experience to the role. His journey in an industry fraught with rejection, typecasting, and racism have given him a unique perspective on the subject of diversity. 

His speaking engagements take audiences on an actor’s journey from the script to the stage and Hollywood to Broadway. Lauded for his resonant and inspirational messages, BD will change the way you see yourself in any role. In a recent interview, BD said, “I’m at this stage in my life where it feels fun to just let go and play and enjoy it.” If your audience wants to flip the script on their life and learn how to enjoy the journey, BD will show you how.

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