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Agents, Managers and Brokers for Speakers.
Now Available: Andrew Sullivan, blogger, journalist, and social commentator

Like all Royce Carlton Speakers, Andrew Sullivan is exclusively represented by Royce Carlton, Inc. for lectures and speaking engagements


Last month, after 15 years and more than 115,000 posts, Andrew Sullivan announced that he would be shutting down his blog, The Dish. Sullivan was one of the first journalists to dive headfirst into blogging, following positions as editor-in-chief at The New Republic and senior editor for The Atlantic. With 1.3 million subscribers reading along, he chronicled every major political and cultural moment of the new millennium. The Dish is an archive like none other, and Andrew Sullivan helped usher in a new era of news media. 

Now more available for speaking engagements, Andrew Sullivan will be talking to audiences on a wealth of issues that are as diverse, divisive, smart, and cutting edge as he is. With talks on gay marriage, modern conservatism, American politics, and his own reflections as a blogger, Andrew Sullivan steps away from the keyboard and brings his sharp perspective to the podium. 

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