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Agents, Managers and Brokers for Speakers.
Now Available: Achieving Peak Performance with Legendary Fighter Pilot Dan Hampton

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From the cockpit to the boardroom, optimum performance and successful campaigns require a range of elements, from confidence and the right mindset to proper preparation. A celebrated fighter pilot who has led elite teams on missions behind enemy lines around the world, Dan Hampton delivers practical lessons about:

  • Leadership and decision-making under fire
  • Building the best team
  • Preparing mentally and physically for big challenges and stressful situations
  • Remaining calm and focused when things don’t go your way
  • Being adaptive while maintaining total commitment to a mission


Dan Hampton will inspire you and shares insights that could change your life.

The New York Times bestselling author of Viper Pilot, Dan Hampton is one of the most decorated fighter pilots of all time. Throughout his 20-year career, he earned a Purple Heart, flew 151 combat missions, fought in both Gulf Wars, and helped secure American airspace on 9/11. A Breitling watches celebrated adventurer, Hampton is the CEO of a private security firm and has offered his expertise on  counterterrorism as a consultant for the US government and allied governments.